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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Holiday Christmas Cup Swap

 What ! ! ! Another Holidays Swap???
Well, first off I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season to all my friends and followers.  As most of you that know me,  the Christmas season is my very FAVORITE time of year and my very FAVORITE holiday. So, of course I feel the need for a special Christmas Holiday Swap. This swap will consist of swapping a nice Holiday coffee mug or tea cup with another partner. The cup should also be filled with some sort of holiday goodies or some little Christmas  treat or gift.
Now doesn't this sound fun. I love getting a new holiday coffee mug or tea cup each year and I use it all year long.
So without further ado if you want to be a part of this fun exciting swap all you need to do is sign up.
There will be a couple of stipulations with this swap though.
 I am still dealing with a few problems from the All Hallows Eve Exchange so I am making a few rules for this swap. I know, Rules, smules, blah blah blah, but no one like to be left out after sending there gift and not getting one in return.
1.  We need to set a price limit so I am setting the price limit at no more then  $15 . That does not include shipping. I am also saying that since we are all collectors and appreciate the vintage and Primitive way of life more or less, that a nice vintage cup or mug in excellent condition is acceptable. No chips no cracks!  That being said don't you just love the cups that I have picked for the display. I absolutely love the first one with the feet. That is my favorite.
2.  The next rule is you need be a blogger and have your own blog. When you sign up you need to post the url for your blog so you will not only help me but others can visit your blog too.
3.  I also request that you email me your address so that I have that ahead of time just in case I need to contact you. When you do email me just add Christmas cup exchange in subject area.  My email address is

As far as style and choices there are just a huge amount out there to pick from. As I mentioned above, excellent quality vintage is acceptable too. When you sign up also please state if you prefer Coffee or Hot Chocolate Mug or Tea Cup.
So lets get going and sign up
Sign up starts now and ends on November 14th and I will draw and list partners on the 15th.
4.  Cups must, absolutely must, be sent out by November 26th so that everyone can enjoy their cups during the holiday season.
So............. what are you waiting for.
Just leave your comment, name blog and preference and I will add you to the list. You must commit to sending out your gift or please don't enter.
If you don't have a blog, please be sure to email me your address other wise I can't add you to the list.
Participants list:
  1    Jan / http://my coffee drinker

  2    Lori/ coffee drinker

  3    Kathy/ coffee or tea

  4    Cyndy/ coffee or tea

  5    Debbie/

  6    Pam/ tea cup






Lori said...

What a fun idea Jan! Count me in. Here's my blog link. And I'm a coffee drinker.

PrimitiveJan said...

Awesome, Thanks Lori,

mornings322 said...

I'm in! Me too! tea drinker but a coffee cup is fine too.


Hi, that sounds like fun. I do have a blog, I will email you my address, any type of mug is fine with. Thank you. Cyndy

Debbie Geiger said...

Sounds like alot of fun to me I love everything Christmas. Count me in. I will email you my address. and post this on my side bar.

Pam said...

Count me in. My blogspot is

PrimitiveJan said...

Thanks Pam for joining in. Are you a tea or Coffee drinker or do you have a preference?

Debbie Geiger said...

hi Jan just wondering about our partners for the swap? Hope you are feeling better.