My Friends

Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally finished curtains.

YEA! ! ! Boy did I make a big mistake when I decided to do this but I like the way they turned out. This window faces my back yard and doesn't really need the privacy but decided to add a little shear on the bottom just because you just never know who might be trying their hardest to see my gorgeous body. hehehe, just kidding. The tabs are done in penny rug fashion.
This one is above the sink and only needs the bottom curtain to block the bright late afternoon sun. I finished this one first. I really should have put 5 tabs on this one too but it was too late when I decided that. It works for me, and I guess thats all that really matters. Right? Right.

Monday, October 17, 2011

No swap this year.

Well, I guess that we won't be doing the swap this year. Maybe next year.
Hugs to all. Just not enough interest or possible due to the economy too.  No problem. Have a great Holiday and a safe one too.

Well, better early then waiting to the last moment.
I am going to host another Christmas Cup Swap. We had such a great turnout last year and I thought if I posted it now and left the sign-up time to November 15th so that would give everyone plenty of time to shop around and get those special Christmas mugs before they are all sold out.
Yes, most of the stores have already started with the Christmas decorations.
Now...  this is the topper.
This is not only a Christmas Cup Swap but... A Christmas Stocking Swap. Ewww.... We are having fun now.
This is the rules for the swaps.
You don't have to do both but would love it if you did.
Christmas cup Swap.
1 Cups must be new or very special vintage ones.
2 Price should be  $10 to $15 plus shipping. Not including shipping.
3 You can leave it empty or fill it with goodies, your choice.
4 Sign up ends on November 15th and must be shipped by November 30th at the latest. The sooner the better.

 Christmas Stocking Exchange.
This is the fun one that involves a little more creativity.
1 All the stockings must me Hand Made. Doesn't have to be made by you but that would be the nicest thing to do. But there are so many Christmas craft shows that are going on  now and you can find some awesome Stockings.
2 The Stockings should be at least valued at $20. You don't have to spend that much but if you were making it and decided to buy one you would put a $20 value on it. I know its hard to put a price on all our hard work but you know what you would pay if it was worth that much.
3 All stockings must be shipped by no later then the 5th.
Please state if you don't want to ship to Canada. It is spendy for both parties so if we have Canadians I will try and match you up with another one of your fellow Canadians.
4 Sign up ends on November 15th for this and the Christmas Cup exchange and Stockings need to be mailed by November 30th at the latest. Mail is slow that time of year.

This is the lovely one I received last year and it is so nice I have left it up all year. It was made by Sally from Georgia. Isn't it awesome. It is made from a brocade tapestry fabric with long fringe and she made a little extra one for my little 100+lb lap puppy.
So I am giving you plenty of time to either make or purchase your stockings.
So when you decide which one or both you want to sign up for just go to the comment page and leave your name and a way to contact you and which one you want to be a part of. I know the economy is bad right now but this is a once a year exchange and lets make this Christmas exchange a real BLAST ! ! !
Okay my fellow friends and followers. Pass the word and lets have some good ole fashion Christmas fun.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Reindeer Are Coming

Yes, another project. The ole OCCD (obsessive compulsive crafters disease) has struck again. I bought a little reindeer at a little Christmas shop the other day to use as a pattern. It is made in China so I am not worried infringing on  copy rights. Mine are cuter anyways. heheh The original is suppose to look like the sock animals.
See what you think. I am going to make up a batch for a craft show coming up.

                            Of course the one with the tag is the original.
I have made a few changes to my reindeer
I mounted them on vintage wooden spools. Sort of like the ole stick horse only these are mainly stick reindeer with the exception of one on the bottom left corner.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well, the weekend is here which means nothing to me other then I don't have to pack a lunch for DSH. Everything else remains the same. I have been perusing photos of Autumn and Fall  online and am just amazed by the beauty of mother nature. I just thought I would share a few of my favorites that I found.
This is in New England. Now isn't that just gorgeous? I am contemplating how I can capture that in a Needle punch or rug hooking.
Here is one from a little island in Japan and another for Scotland. Mother Nature is so awesome and such an incredible artist. Look what she can do with just a little bit of earth and sky and a big paint brush.  I am sure that God has a big hand in it all too.
This ones lends a little creepy, Halloweeny flair to it all. This is in Scotland too.
Well, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the colors of Fall. Have a great day

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Sweet Phoebe is family

Phoebe is every bit a part of our family as are my children and husband and grandchildren. When your furry friend spends more time with you then anyone else, they know when you   aren't feeling well or that something isn't like it should be and will sit there beside you through thick and thin.

 Now I have to admit that our sweet Phoebe is not so thin but she is every bit my closest companion next to my husband and I love her. Folks that keep animals just because they think it is the thing to do and for the kids have no idea what they are missing. A dog or a cat or what ever your furry companion is, is more then just a pet. They can be your best friend. We have all lost someone in our lives and it always hurts so much. I can tell you that losing a furry companion is just as hard as losing a dear friend.

I still miss my sweet William Wallace and get tears when ever I think of him. That is love unconditional.
                     They are Family                  

I just finish my Fall Penny rug and I thought I would share that with you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Look at my Awesome Table runner

Isn't this the most beautiful table runner ever. It is Fall on one side and Christmas on the other. I love it
This was part of a trade for two crows that I had made. I don't quilt, YET...., and Barbara Jenkins quilts beautifully. She made this to my specifications on colors and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could be if it were a quilt to go on my bed. heheh, hint hint. hheheheh.
I love it Barbara.

Thank you so much Barbara for the awesome trade. Her crows haven't arrived at her home yet as they had to go by ground mail. Very heavy.  I can't wait for you to get yours as I hope you will love them as much as I love mine.
This is what I am working on now.
This is my Halloween Penny Rug. It is a work in progress but close to completion.