My Friends

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Okay, update on WIP projects.

Yes, I am sporadic and usually have several projects going on at one time but I am trying very hard to get several of them done before I go on to another new project. I  have several in mind and am so anxious to get going. So here is where I stand on my current projects.

My Pal Scarecrow                                        


Sherwood Forest Afghan

Corner of Afghan with bear. I still have more to do on this and this is what I still need to do on this afghan

So you can see I have my work cut out for me because .......This is my next Rug Hook that I plan on doing. After I hook it I am going to punch needle it.  Heheh, I am such a glutton for punishment. 
Don't you love this gate. I am going to get one of our local craftsman and friend to build it for me if he can.
I just love the look of walking though this gate and up the walk way to the house. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My newest WIP

Yes, I posted this on my Punch needle blog but some of you don't venture there so I just wanted to share it with you all here.
I am learning how to do rug hooking and this is my first attempt. I'm not done with it all yet as I am adding flowers to the background and possible some corn stalks.
Anyway, it sort of comes to me as I go along. So this is my scarecrow and his pal so far.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gravity sucks. ehehe

Yes, you know how they say that when you get older you look younger when you lay on your back. Well, I guess its the opposite when you are young. This is not Phoebe's best look but it surely made me laugh after I captured the photo.
Labs have such loose lips or what they call a soft mouth that as she lies on her back her lips fall back too. Not her best look. heheh Sorry Phoebe, I couldn't resist. Here sweetie pie, this is one of your better looks.
Working hard on my rug hook project and didn't do much else yesterday. As I was walking Phoebe, a neighbor was having a BBQ and ran over and offered me one of the wonderful little appetizers. Well, she thought they were wonderful and they looked delicious but little did I know that it was a big jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese  and wrapped in bacon. I thought is was a little green pepper (not hot) done the same way and what they call poppers here. Well, I took a bite and I thought my mouth was a blow torch. Holly Crud. I spat it out into my hands and apologized as I don't do hot at all. I was in agony and said I had to run. I came home and almost drowned myself in milk. Guacamole dip is the best for cooling a spicy mouth but didn't have any of that. It took almost 1/2 hour to cool down. I don't know how folks can eat that hot stuff and then taste what the rest of the food tastes like.
I am going to get busy with my Halloween critters this week. Can't start too early for things like that. I need to make about a dozen ravens and a few owls and some bats and witches. My needle work will be taking a back seat and only work on it in the evening when I am relaxing.

Drizzling here today so another day inside. No problem, as I have plenty to keep me busy.
Hugs everyone.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I bet your sayin, Now why don't she write?? heheh

Do you know how sometimes you get so involved with a project that you sort of push everything else to the wayside and sort of forget all the other obligations that you should be doing. Well, sorry my dear friends and followers, you sort have been ignored the last few days. I apologize to you all. This is where I have been and what I have been up to. I hope you will forgive my ignoring you for so many days.

I have been working in the garden and also on a challenge for a forum that I belong to, "Prim Pals Forum"
We have a challenge to make each month that we can choose to participate in or not. We all are given the same pattern and then we decide how to complete it, what medium we are going to make it out of. The pattern is a very simple and basic scarecrow. It is almost childlike. So I decided that this was the perfect pattern to try my hand at rug hooking.So now you can say that  I am, what you called, Hooked on rug hooking. I have been so afraid to start it but I haven't a clue why. It is so easy and the results are much faster then my punch needle projects which I dearly love to do. I love it but I am going to have to start looking for scrape wool to cut. I bought my first collection of strips but I can already tell I am going to need a much larger choice of colors and variations. Look out thrift stores, here I come.
This is the pattern and this is where I am so far. Yes the image is reversed as I am so used to doing it that way for my punch needle projects, that I didn't think about the fact that the side that the pattern is printed on is the front side. On Punch needle its the back and when you turn your piece over you have to correct image. Oh well, live and learn. hehe. I think he is coming out just great. Like I say its a very simple design but great for my first project. After this one look out. I am ready for the big guns. heheh .

 Okay, Now this is what else I have been working on. Check out this huge strawberry we harvested yesterday . I have placed it close to some other fruit to show you just how big it really is. And if that isn't enough then Phoebe will verify that she is already drooling for this biggy. heheh
This is her favorite dessert item. When we are in the garden I have to keep a close eye on her. She sticks her huge nose into the plants looking for the ripe ones. Yep, she will pass on the green ones and go for the big ripe juicy ones. When she saw this one she immediately claimed it as her own but I have other ideas. Well maybe its big enough to share it with my favorite furry friend. She is a good helper. heheh Yea, right!

I don't know if you follow Prairie Flower Farm, but they just had a very sad day on the 14th of July. Her precious Granddaughter, Ellianna, lost her long battle with life. She has had difficulties ever since she was born but at least they had 4 months of joy with this sweet little soul. Now she is in the arm of Jesus and is suffering no longer. 
this is sweet Ellianna.
If you get a moment you may want to stop by her blog and leave you condolences .
God bless you sweet Ellianna.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Recovering from a bout of Sciatica.

Boy oh boy, what a pain in the you know where. Yep. It lasted about 4 days and  I am just starting to feel better today.
I absolutely hate taking Muscle relaxants but it was the only way I could get any rest at all. Now I can get back to my usual status and get my studio cleaned up.
I have been working in the front yard a bit and have tried to fix up my old mail box post with some great old ivy vines that I gleemed from behind the library where they cut down a tree. these looked like huge curly willow and made great cottage appeal to my mailbox post.
I also used them to attach my clematis that is growing in the front window for it to grow up and wind around on.
How much is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggly tail...........

My flowers are loving these sunny days that we have been having finally as I am too.
If you look close you can see that sweet little puppy girl in the window.
 I have been replacing chewed up dog toys so now every time I walk up stairs
Phoebe thinks I am going to make her another toy. Spoiled little Puppy girl.  Here she sleeps dreaming of more toys to come. heheh gotta love her.
I have been harvesting loads of strawberries from the strawberry garden. I have been getting about a large colander full every day. We have
been having fresh strawberry

shortcake several times a week. I am not big or have never done any canning and I don't really
know where to start on doing that. So I have been washing them and freezing them to use later.  Great wonderful big strawberries. Don't you just love them?
I am finishing up with my Swedish weaving and looking forward to doing some more punch needle work. I love the, easy on the eyes, of the Swedish Weaving but I love the challenge of the punch needle work. More detail and closer work.
This is where I am right now on my Swedish Weaving, SW, afghan.
 I Love the colors and design. It is called Sherwood forest.
I made a big pork roast yesterday for Sunday dinner but tonight we are having shredded pork burritos with some great salsa and refried beans and Spanish rice. Can't wait till dinner, heheh
So hope you had a nice visit and I really look forward to you all stopping by again soon.
I do hope you will just leave even a little comment and say hi so that I know you were here. I so enjoy reading all the comments.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Friendship swap from Dee

I received the most wonderful swap item from Dee at Ice House Crafts. It was a swap hosted by Amy at Bumble Bee Lane.
It was a swap of friendship and getting to know each other. Finding out about your swap partner means a lot more when you know more about the person you are swapping with.
These are a few photos of the great items she sent me. I should have taken a picture before I put them all out but I forgot. If you want to see it all first hand go to Dee's blog and you can see it all in one place.
                     The wooden blocks with a ewe and Olde Colonial Woolen Mill
                                                    I Love ( heart) Needle Punching
         These wonderful little clay sheep ornies and hearts to go with them
                                                     and two Penny rug mug matts
 And my very favorite is the garden sign that reads
Leave Room In The Garden For The Angels To Dance
Thank you so very much for the wonderful Friendship swap Dee. You are just awesome. Big Hugs and Blessings to you

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We survived the 4th now on to the 5th

Heheh, Yes we all survived the 4th of July with out too much distress. I fell down on Sunday but after a few scrapes and sprains and aching muscles, I will survive. heheh. The worst part of it all is that no one stopped to help, not even the car that was going by. Fortunately my friend was working out in her yard and I yelled for her to lend my a hand getting up. I probably would have been able to eventually but My Sweet Little 100+ lb lap puppy, Phoebe was trying to pull and go forward while I was trying to pull back and stand up. When you are heading down hill that isn't an easy task.
So, fortunately we all survived the weekend and the 4th of July. There were a few neighbor hood fireworks display but that was about it. We don't have a fireworks show here until August when we have our Summer Festival. I guess I must me getting old as I really wasn't interested in watching any fireworks. I wonder if its age or priorities. Never the less, I was happy to stay inside and keep by brave little girl calm. I gave her Valerian to help keep her calm which is a natural herb to help you sleep. It did help but like I said there really wasn't many fireworks around here. The big 4th of July display was in Newport about 6miles away.
I have been working on my newest project now. It is a Swedish weaving  on Monks cloth.
This is what I will be doing today as my car is gone being fixed and my body is gone being fixed and the yard work is done thanks to a lot of hard work on Saturday and Sunday morning. 
So this will be a day of relaxing and working on projects and maybe a little organizing in the Studio. I am suppose to be getting my huge auction win today and I need to make room for it. Not sure just how much I will need but I think that two drawers should do it. Its all stitching stuff for my punch needle but there is a lot of it. This is a picture of my win and I will post another when it gets here.
Not a bad score for $89 bucks, Heh?
So I hope that you all had a great 3 day weekend and are on your way back to the everyday grind of life but hey, the alternative isn't very good. So grind away and keep the Sun Shinning in your life. 
We are suppose to see lots of sunshine here on the coast for the rest of the week. At least that's what the weather man say's but you know who has the last word there. 
Hugs my friends 
My dear sweet Husband and our little lap puppy, Phoebe.