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Monday, July 18, 2011

Gravity sucks. ehehe

Yes, you know how they say that when you get older you look younger when you lay on your back. Well, I guess its the opposite when you are young. This is not Phoebe's best look but it surely made me laugh after I captured the photo.
Labs have such loose lips or what they call a soft mouth that as she lies on her back her lips fall back too. Not her best look. heheh Sorry Phoebe, I couldn't resist. Here sweetie pie, this is one of your better looks.
Working hard on my rug hook project and didn't do much else yesterday. As I was walking Phoebe, a neighbor was having a BBQ and ran over and offered me one of the wonderful little appetizers. Well, she thought they were wonderful and they looked delicious but little did I know that it was a big jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese  and wrapped in bacon. I thought is was a little green pepper (not hot) done the same way and what they call poppers here. Well, I took a bite and I thought my mouth was a blow torch. Holly Crud. I spat it out into my hands and apologized as I don't do hot at all. I was in agony and said I had to run. I came home and almost drowned myself in milk. Guacamole dip is the best for cooling a spicy mouth but didn't have any of that. It took almost 1/2 hour to cool down. I don't know how folks can eat that hot stuff and then taste what the rest of the food tastes like.
I am going to get busy with my Halloween critters this week. Can't start too early for things like that. I need to make about a dozen ravens and a few owls and some bats and witches. My needle work will be taking a back seat and only work on it in the evening when I am relaxing.

Drizzling here today so another day inside. No problem, as I have plenty to keep me busy.
Hugs everyone.


Linda said...

Morning Jan and Phoebe. Just found your blog again after computer crashed.

Jan said...

Glad to see you back and so sorry about the computer.

Maureen said...

Your owl with outstretched wings turned out great. You had started him when Crows Creek forum was still around and I never did see the finished product. Very handsome!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your ravens...they look real! And I made guacamole yesterday! It was so yummy! I like hot stuff...but not too hot! Enjoy your week! We flat hair gals have got to stick together! heeheehee! Hugs! ♥♥♥

Deb T. said...

Love the Crow's / Ravens Jan . Your work is awesome .