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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do you remember 1967

My daughter was sent this photo from her cousin and she sent it to me yesterday. She was describing the picture and that she was trying to figure out who the people were in it and said that the only one she recognized was her father then she started putting two and two together and figured it all out. All of it, except the outfit I had on, and said that she thought it was some sort of PJ's. Nope! I was the style back in the Mid 60's with flowered prints and paisley prints. Now the outfit wasn't as dated as was the head in rollers with a portable hair dryer on.
The rest of the picture is quite a awesome memory as my dear sweet husband in this photo was accidentally killed when working on a friends house in Hilo, Hawaii. He was electrocuted by a skill saw that he thought he had repaired but when he put it back together he neglected to reconnect the ground wire. He stepped in water which is everywhere in Hilo because it rains quite a bit there.  He was only 23 when he was killed and was an awesome surfer which is why he moved to Hawaii from San Diego, so he could surf the big waves.  He always said that he wouldn't live to see his 22 birthday. Well, enough of that but I just want to say that he was my high school sweetheart and we married right out of high school.
His smiling face was always so infectious as anyone could tell you that when he smiled at you , you just automatically smiled back. He was an awesome father and the little one is my middle daughter, Susan. I think she must have been about a week or two old here.
She now has her own blog and 5 children of her own
check it out if you get a moment.

I just wanted to share a bit of my past with all my friends and followers out there.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Wonderfully Strange Puppies

Now some of   you may find this totally wrong but it is completely innocent. When Phoebe was a puppy she literally lived between my feet.

Well, she never outgrew that but she has out grown my feet. She now walks along behind me with her head still between my legs, the only problem is, is that she has out grown my legs. She now has to walk with her head in front of me so that she can still walk between my legs. This is only at home and it is funny to us, but for our company, it can get a little embarrassing unless they know Phoebe. 

                                        Yes she is a little bit weird, what can I say. We love her. Now she isn't the kind that comes up and sniffs she just likes to be close to you. Unfortunately she doesn't realize just how big she is so that sort of presents a problem sometimes. I have leaned over to do something sometimes and she will come up behind me and push me right over on to my head just because she is trying to get in between the legs to see what I am doing. She isn't trying to be rude she is just a Curious Phoebe.
I know that a lot of you are saying that is just wrong, and yes it is but as long as it is just us and just at home we can live with it. She is just trying to get close as she can to us. She is a lover.
Now Wallace on the other hand never, ever, ever does anything wrong. He is the sweetest most loving dog to me. When I cough he is by my side in a flash. Night or day, if I don't reach down and pat him or talk to him after I cough he gets in my face to make sure I am okay. I don't have a clue why he does this as Pheobe does just the opposite. She will run and hide everytime I cough. Even just one little cough. Now my husband has COPD and coughs a lot and they don't even respond when he coughs. Now isn't that strange.
                                                       Ya Gotta Love Em. Well, We Do

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Much to report from Lake Wobegon

Have you ever listen to the news from Lake Wobegon by Garrison Keilor. He is an awesome narrator and if you should get a chance to listen to some of his stuff, you absolutely won't be disappointed.
I especially love to listen to him on a stormy day or late in the evening when I am getting ready to go to sleep. He has a great voice and it is very melodic and soothing.
He is funny and whimsical and a real joy to listen to.
I haven't listen to him for a while so I just ordered his best four disc grouping called Spring, Summer, Winter,Fall on Lake Wobegon.
He has many other great stories and fun to just sit and listen like old time radio.
If you have a couple minutes to listen, sit down and take a break and listen to one of his stories.

 A young narrator chronicles his coming-of-age in Minnesota's Lake Wobegon, a fictitious small town where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average. Based on the enormously popular "Prairie Home Companion", Keillor's show on public radio, this collection of stories of modern Midwestern life skyrocketed to the top of the bestseller lists in the mid 1980s, and remained there. In this small Minnesota town, "all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average." The book won the collective heart of the country, and critics found it impossible to refrain from quoting sizable portions of it in their reviews.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guess I was MIA

I have been so wrapped up in my new punch needle blog that I forgot to stay up with my most important one.
I hope that you all will take a moment to check out my newest blog
I am going to try and keep my needle punch separate from this blog as I also want to use it for more merchandising too. I will be hosting a giveaway on the new blog and I will let you all know here too when that is up and going.
Live goes on as usual at the Mackay homestead. Weather has been dry the last couple of days and we were able to take the kids out for a walk with out fighting the elements. They, whoever they are, say that we are suppose to be getting some more snow this week. Oh goody goody. I am ready for spring and flowers and the warm sunshine. I do think that God is playing with us sometimes just to see how long we can take the cold nasty wet stuff before he gives us the honey and warmth of the sun. Well, I have been good and I haven't complained too awfully much so please, BRING ON THE SUN! ! ! hehehe

The Kids are getting a little bored with the rain too. Can't you just see that they are bubbling with excitement? LOL
I feel pretty much the same way when its cold outside.
Okay, well off to bed for now. Just finished another punch work that you can see on my other blog.
Have a great Monday

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just keep on Punchin.

Yes, I have been busy today and I should be finished by tomorrow or Sunday.
I did get one of the new gripper frames that I have ordered today. This is the one that I received and I am
very please with the overall construction.\

Well I am Punch drunk again.

Yep, this is the newest project. It is a  cute little rabbit on a trike with flowers. I am as excited about this one as I have been with the last ones. Yes, I think you might say that I am punch drunk again. heheh.
My poor little furry friends are bored with it all as it means that I am not paying as much attention to them as I am to my work

Wallace made it to the kennel first so he got the comfy down comforter and Phoebe had to settle for her slightly too small chair.

Poor little tiny Phoebe. She just can't seem to find a chair that fits. heheh It's a problem when you are 96 lbs+ and trying to find a comfy place to relax. However, she does look fairly relaxed here. What a little sweetie she is.

I also heard something this morning on my facebook that I would love to share with you all if I can figure out how to post it here.
Please take a moment and listen to these 5 wonderful little girls sing the national anthem like no ones business.  Many pro's should take lessons from these awesome young ladies.
And on that note, I can add no more and no better.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another project completed.

I am so proud of myself that I have finished another project. I do, however, have two projects lurking at me from out of the corner of my eyes. My daughters Cross Stitch family tree and another CS that I am working on.
                                             Anyway, here is my completed. Sheep Gathering
I think that I am going to add it to the top of a wooden box with a frame surrounding it. I will show you the finish product when it is done.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day to you all

Happy Valentines to all my readers and followers

Well, I am almost done with the newest project. All I have left to do here is the background and a few details. I don't think I enjoy doing other folks patterns as I almost feel like I am plagiarizing someone else's work even though I have bought the right to it as far as making a copy but I can't sell it as my own. So, I am headed back to the drawing board to do my own designs. Mean while this is where I am with the newest project. I love the theme and will probably design some of my own along the same lines. Even the first one with the farmer feeding the sheep is another persons painting so I need to start from scratch and do some of my own paintings and punch work. Hum.... I have a lot of my own paintings now I wonder if I can make them into a punch design. Awesome, something new to work on as if I didn't have enough to do

I will keep you updated.
Not getting much done in the way of my bears and other creations but thats the way it goes. So long as I stay busy it doesn't really matter. I do think that  I see a little mouse in the near future though along with a bear and with butterflies. Hummm.... gotta go... I have so much to do and so much time to do it in. Heheh

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Done !!!

Well, another one done. I feel good about this one but just wish that the detail showed up better. Well, I am sure that with time and practice it will all improve but it isn't bad.

This is the one that I am going to start on now. It is called Sheep Gathering by Little House Needle Works
As you can probable guess I like sheep. 

Life goes on in the house of Mackay. Puppies are content and so is the Dear Sweet Hubby. 
I found an awesome Nativity scene at an antique store that is closing up. It was listed for $50 and if I waited till Sunday everything is going to be marked down half price. Well, my daughter has been wanting a nice one for a long time and I didn't want to take a chance that this one would be bought up. 
This one has 14 pieces and is in perfect condition with the exception  of Josephs thumb with I may have broken when I was taking it off the shelf to put into the box. I heard a clink but can't remember if it was Joseph that I was handling when I heard it.  It is good size and in one of the pictures I have put a soup can in to give you an idea as to its size.

So that is what is happening in our little corner of the world. Life goes on and at least
I can be grateful for no snow and my families health. We are blessed.
Have a great weekend and I am going back to my Needle Punch Work.
You might say that I am Punch Drunk, Heheheh

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm doin the HAPPY DANCE

Happy Dance Pictures, Images and PhotosWoo Hoo, I am doin the Happy Dance I passed my ODL test with flying colors. Now I can relax again. I swear, taking tests stresses me out so much . I only missed 3 but never the less, it is done and I don't have to worry about it for another 8 years WOO HOO! ! !

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New project update

Okay my punch happy friends, as I stated before I wasn't happy with the sheep so I took it off the frame.
This is the one I am working on now.  I still have quite a ways to go on it but it is coming right along and I like it so far.
I am taking my written test on Monday for my DL so wish me luck.