My Friends

Friday, March 23, 2012

Memorial to Rufus

As many of you know I am an avid animal lover and just lost my William Wallace last mothers day. Well, we have a new kid in our family named Baxter that is growing like a weed. Him and Phoebe get along famously and couldn't be closer if they were related.
How ever this posting is for a very dear and special little guy that I have grown to love and adore across the miles. His name is Rufus. He and his brother Buddy were dropped off on the property of a fellow FB friend Named Lana.

I have just adored Rufus from the start as he reminded be in spirit of my dear William Wallace that I so recently lost. He just crept into my heart from the start.
Last night he was hit and killed by a car and was gone before they could even reach him. So fortunately he didn't suffer but I am just beside myself and my heart is breaking all over again.
Phoebe is so good at picking up on these things and has been trying to comfort me in her own way with toys and paws in my lap. It's funny how they can pick up on those sort of things. I know that Rufus wasn't mine but in my heart he belong to me. I am going to miss him terrible and the tears are flowing freely once again. I take comfort in knowing that he and Wallace are up there playing and running and waiting for us to cross that Rainbow Bridge so we can all take comfort in each others love again.

Rufus, we are going to miss you. Big hugs go out to Buddy and to Lana who I am sure is suffering from the loss too.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am such a lucky lady today

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All

I am feeling the luck and love of the Irish today. My dearest friend just gave me her old couch and chair as she is getting a new one. The couch isn't really old at all but it is exactly my style and what I would have picked out if I were to go and buy one. I love it and feel truly blessed with her gift.

She is such a giving lady and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. I have never had a friend like her and her dear daughter and I hold their friendship in my heart and like I say I am truly blessed. Not by what they give me but by there unconditional friendship.

Also, I want to share, that Phoebe and Baxter now have there own special FB page. Yep, just click here and it will take you there.
It just seemed like most of my postings on FB were of Phoebe and Baxter so I thought that I should just get them there own special page.

Well, as if God heard my pleas for some sunshine, it is gorgeous outside today. What a better way to celebrate Saint Patricks Day. Hope your day is as truly blessed as mine is.

Friends, Family and sunshine what more could I ask for?