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Friday, January 3, 2014

WOW where had the time gone?

Wow, I can't believe how long its been since I last posted here.

New years resolution. I promise to post at least once a week if not more.
I am going to leave FB in the dust sort of. I will still keep tabs on friends and family but going back to the real world of talking to each other on the phone or in person. People don't talk to each other any more so there is no time like the present.

Happy New Year 2014. Lets pray that this year is at least 100% better than last year.

Going to be doing lots of gardening when spring comes around and I will be doing a lot of sewing on my other blog so please stop by there too.

Phoebe and Baxter both say Happy new year too. They had a great first day.

See you later.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Punch Drunk Needle Works: MY SAVING GRACE

Punch Drunk Needle Works: MY SAVING GRACE: Oh my gosh, If God ever created tools this was one of them. I can thread a needle with my eyes closed. Seriously. This is the most awesome Needle threader I have ever used. It is made by Clover.
check this out. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gourd Beading 101 in 2013

Where did the year go??
I swear, the older you get the faster time flys by.

I am going to be doing this for friends that have asked for it

I am working on a tutorial for gourd beading. I am doing it frame by frame as I don't have a mobile web cam and I can't use my camera as I only have two hands.

I think though that I am going to share the tutorial here as a lot of friends have expressed an interest in learning the art.

Very first requirement is the Patience of Job. It takes a long time to complete a project but once you do you will be a Happy Happy Happy.

These are a few of the ones that I have done in the past just to give you an idea of what the beaded gourds look like.

Now that you see what I am talking about. I will post a materials list and then begin the tutorial'
Would love to hear if there is any interest.

Materials list,

Depending on the surface you wish to work on will determine how many sheets of beeswax you will want.

I have used gourds, Ostrich eggs, emu eggs but they are a little more fragile. I have also used a sword fish bill like the one below.
I would at least begin with about 10 -15 sheets of Beeswax natural. 
Lots and lots of 13/0 seed beads.
A design in mind and lots of time.
Don't get in a hurry as it just won't come together.
Most of my students purchase one of my 'Thing-A-Ma-Jigs"
Like the one below
You really need one of these or a T-pin to pick up the 13/0 seed beads as each one is pushed into the wax one bead at a time.

I will break off here and give everyone a chance to gather some of the materials if you are interested in trying this. 
If you are interested in one of the Thing-A-Ma-Jigs you can purchase one from me for $5.
plus shipping.
Until our next meeting start your gathering and let me know if you are really interested in learning this technique.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hello my friends and followers.

Yep, its been ages and so much has happened. Life goes on and I am dealing with some
heavy duty health issues so that seems to put a crimp on my normal goings on. But, I just
keep plugging along.
Phoebe and The Baxter keep me going too, especially when the front door blows open when
I was gone and they decided to go for a walk off the leashes, by their selves for the first time
ever. My dear Husband got home before I did and did the initial panicking for me. He went
and down the street, talking to neigbors, calling for the two of them. He came back home and
called me at which point my heart flew out of my chest. Then he said, "oh wait, here they come
wagging their tails behind them". They must have had a great time and thank the lord we
live in a somewhat quite area so there isn't a lot of traffic. OMG... I would be heart sick
if anything happened to my sweet furry kids.

Anyway, just want to say that I wish for all my Friends and Followers a very
Merry Christmas and Joyous holiday season to all.
Hugs and Holiday blessings
Jan, Greg, Phoebe and the Baxter

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Its amazing how fast the kids grow up

I got a real chuckle when I looked at these two pictures.

He is all of 40 lbs now. Yep he's a chunky monkey 
but we love every pound of him and so does
Phoebe. I am hoping thought that this growth
spurt is slowing down. He is a puggle
not a labble. heheh

He was the biggest of the litter and he has outgrown
his father and his mother.