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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We survived the 4th now on to the 5th

Heheh, Yes we all survived the 4th of July with out too much distress. I fell down on Sunday but after a few scrapes and sprains and aching muscles, I will survive. heheh. The worst part of it all is that no one stopped to help, not even the car that was going by. Fortunately my friend was working out in her yard and I yelled for her to lend my a hand getting up. I probably would have been able to eventually but My Sweet Little 100+ lb lap puppy, Phoebe was trying to pull and go forward while I was trying to pull back and stand up. When you are heading down hill that isn't an easy task.
So, fortunately we all survived the weekend and the 4th of July. There were a few neighbor hood fireworks display but that was about it. We don't have a fireworks show here until August when we have our Summer Festival. I guess I must me getting old as I really wasn't interested in watching any fireworks. I wonder if its age or priorities. Never the less, I was happy to stay inside and keep by brave little girl calm. I gave her Valerian to help keep her calm which is a natural herb to help you sleep. It did help but like I said there really wasn't many fireworks around here. The big 4th of July display was in Newport about 6miles away.
I have been working on my newest project now. It is a Swedish weaving  on Monks cloth.
This is what I will be doing today as my car is gone being fixed and my body is gone being fixed and the yard work is done thanks to a lot of hard work on Saturday and Sunday morning. 
So this will be a day of relaxing and working on projects and maybe a little organizing in the Studio. I am suppose to be getting my huge auction win today and I need to make room for it. Not sure just how much I will need but I think that two drawers should do it. Its all stitching stuff for my punch needle but there is a lot of it. This is a picture of my win and I will post another when it gets here.
Not a bad score for $89 bucks, Heh?
So I hope that you all had a great 3 day weekend and are on your way back to the everyday grind of life but hey, the alternative isn't very good. So grind away and keep the Sun Shinning in your life. 
We are suppose to see lots of sunshine here on the coast for the rest of the week. At least that's what the weather man say's but you know who has the last word there. 
Hugs my friends 
My dear sweet Husband and our little lap puppy, Phoebe.

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am so sorry you fell! I had to be so careful on our hike this weekend...trying to get a good footing on the rocky trail! I hope you mend quickly! I can't get over how much thread you got! WOW! Some great supplies and a wonderful project you're working on now! Enjoy your week! I'm taking the day off today but I can't wait to get a hand sewing project going! ♥