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Monday, July 11, 2011

Recovering from a bout of Sciatica.

Boy oh boy, what a pain in the you know where. Yep. It lasted about 4 days and  I am just starting to feel better today.
I absolutely hate taking Muscle relaxants but it was the only way I could get any rest at all. Now I can get back to my usual status and get my studio cleaned up.
I have been working in the front yard a bit and have tried to fix up my old mail box post with some great old ivy vines that I gleemed from behind the library where they cut down a tree. these looked like huge curly willow and made great cottage appeal to my mailbox post.
I also used them to attach my clematis that is growing in the front window for it to grow up and wind around on.
How much is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggly tail...........

My flowers are loving these sunny days that we have been having finally as I am too.
If you look close you can see that sweet little puppy girl in the window.
 I have been replacing chewed up dog toys so now every time I walk up stairs
Phoebe thinks I am going to make her another toy. Spoiled little Puppy girl.  Here she sleeps dreaming of more toys to come. heheh gotta love her.
I have been harvesting loads of strawberries from the strawberry garden. I have been getting about a large colander full every day. We have
been having fresh strawberry

shortcake several times a week. I am not big or have never done any canning and I don't really
know where to start on doing that. So I have been washing them and freezing them to use later.  Great wonderful big strawberries. Don't you just love them?
I am finishing up with my Swedish weaving and looking forward to doing some more punch needle work. I love the, easy on the eyes, of the Swedish Weaving but I love the challenge of the punch needle work. More detail and closer work.
This is where I am right now on my Swedish Weaving, SW, afghan.
 I Love the colors and design. It is called Sherwood forest.
I made a big pork roast yesterday for Sunday dinner but tonight we are having shredded pork burritos with some great salsa and refried beans and Spanish rice. Can't wait till dinner, heheh
So hope you had a nice visit and I really look forward to you all stopping by again soon.
I do hope you will just leave even a little comment and say hi so that I know you were here. I so enjoy reading all the comments.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have missed you lately! I haven't seen you come by my house and I was wondering if you were OK! I'm sorry you've had such pain...that's no fun for a busy lady like you! Wish I was close enough to help you pick strawberries...and eat them! I buy them in season and freeze them in small bags! Just perfect to add to oatmeal or to make hubby a milkshake! His favorite way to eat fruit! lol Take care of yourself, my friend! HUGS! ♥♥♥

lilraggedyangie said...

jan Omg glad your feeling better sciatica is awful been there, thats why I had surgery ! O to have them lucious strawberries mmmmm a fave in our house! love the mailbox post great gleeming if I do say so myself!;0) The sweedish weaving is darling but you know I love your punch needle just cant wait to see what you create next! Enjoy your evening !hugs lil raggedy angie


love that picture with the dog looking out of the window,that is sooo cute. Glad you are feeling better. Hope you have a great week.

colleens craft shed said...

Glad that you are feeling better, love your photo of your front window. The strawberries look so good. I have been to busy to go pick some fresh ones myself this year.....just looking at yours I just might have to find the time.

MountainBlessings said...

Your nest is so sweet and charming. All your flowers and plants are lovely. Is that Phoebe looking out the window? I am glad to hear that you are recovering from sciatica, isn't that the most horrible thing?? Been there and done that many times. blessing and hope your feeling better soon!

Maureen said...

Hi Jan! you sure are a gal of many many talents!!

Daniëlle said...

It is raining cats and dogs right now so time for a visit! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi to Taegan and Yvette. Love your Phoebe, the way she is all curled up in the chair hihihi!!! They always know how to get that smile on our face!!! Great Swedish weaving! Have fun needle punching!! Hugs, Daniëlle