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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Okay, update on WIP projects.

Yes, I am sporadic and usually have several projects going on at one time but I am trying very hard to get several of them done before I go on to another new project. I  have several in mind and am so anxious to get going. So here is where I stand on my current projects.

My Pal Scarecrow                                        


Sherwood Forest Afghan

Corner of Afghan with bear. I still have more to do on this and this is what I still need to do on this afghan

So you can see I have my work cut out for me because .......This is my next Rug Hook that I plan on doing. After I hook it I am going to punch needle it.  Heheh, I am such a glutton for punishment. 
Don't you love this gate. I am going to get one of our local craftsman and friend to build it for me if he can.
I just love the look of walking though this gate and up the walk way to the house. 


Julie said...

I want two of those gates!!! So cute! Love your hook rugs...where do you get your wool you cut your own? It is so expensive it drove me away from trying it...any tips of getting a cheaper way to do it? I love the look of it so much...yours are so neat!!!

Jan said...

Julie, I bought my wool strips from etsy. pre cut but if you go to thrift stores or garage sales and pick up wool coat, skirts, wool blankets you can cut your own. I did cut my own green tweed strips from an old travel blanket that I had for years. It was a vintage blanket but now it is being used again. I also bought some wool felt and from country stitches
good prices. It might not be the highest quality of wool but it works for me and lots of great colors to chose from. It is the same wool I use for penny rugs.

Jan said...

Julie, its actually 30% wool and 70% acrylic so it probably wouldn't be advised for rug hooking. I just used a little bit of it on the scare crow. I just rechecked. Guess I am going to have to buy the good stuff or go hit the garage sales and good will if I plan on doing many of these. It isn't the most inexpensive craft to do but I sure like the results. I may just make a couple of them unless I can find an outlet for less expensive wool I really enjoy the craft though.

Debbie said...


All your projects look fantastic! I love the scarecrow rug!!! Better keep an eye on him. lol

Debbie K

Janice said...

Great Job on the challenge project!! =)