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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The beginning of my harvest.

Look out berries, here comes Phoebe. She loves strawberries and i have to watch her like a hawk when she is in the garden with me.
My Strawberries are being very kind to me this year. Last years crop wasn't so kind. Take a look at what I am getting so far.
I grow my berries in straw bales. Make for a lot less work. Nice size berries Heh?
This is just the beginning of my strawberry harvest. It usually lasts till the beginning of November. Yep, even in November I am getting the last of the crop.

Oh Yummy ! ! !

I think the bumble bees are having a feast too.
Well, just a little update from 
PrimitiveJans garden


dee begg said...


The strawberries look yummy. We've gotten our first crop picking and the plants are working on putting out some more flowers. They are all new plants for us this year, so we are pleased that we got any at all. I've froze 2 quarts to make strawberry jam with.

The hubby has red raspberries planted and we've gotten some off those plants just this week. Hopefully we'll have a bunch to make jam red raspberry jam. Yummo!

The hubby also has picked me a bunch of wild black raspberries....they are delicious.

Can you tell berries are one of my favorite fruits? I don't blame Phoebe one bit for being crazy about strawberries....they are yummy.


jennifer768 said...

Great looking strawberries !Love the pic of Phoebe eating the berry !Have a great day ,Jen

michelle said...

wow!Great bunch of berries!Phoebe is so luvin that berry,bless her heart!Lavender looks so beautiful too!big hugs michelle

mornings322 said...

Those are some great looking berries! I'll have to try that next year. Love lavender and yours looks great. Happy 4th!