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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tree Falling

Oh My Goodness,

This was so much fun to watch but I can only imagine how scary it must be at the top of these enormous trees. I just can't believe that these fellows can climb these huge trees like they were nothing. I was always a little bit of a tomboy growing up, playing in tree houses and yes, climbing trees. I guess that these guys must have never outgrown the desire to climb those monsters. It must be sort of a rush when the top comes off and the tree starts swaying in the breeze.. Ouuuuuu....
We sat up on the hill side while we watch from a safe distance but still the sawdust fell like snow. As I was walking back to my house I was itching like crazy. Come to find out, I had sawdust all down the front of my tee shirt.
It was so exciting to watch this fellow but I think they must have a little bit of a death wish. Sort of like mountain climbers. They love the sport of it but I think its the danger that they really get off on. As for me, I will keep my feet firmly planted on the old terra firma.
More power to you guys, Oh yes, shortly after this last picture was taken, one of the logs that were being cut, landed on another chainsaw on the ground and just shattered it to pieces, of course.
The owner of the tree cutting service said he lost money on this job big time. He bid it out at only $800 as he didn't realize just how tall this puppy was. They started out on a boom truck and quickly realized that he was going to have to have his fellow climb and cut. I would venture to guess that this tree was a good 75 yards tall. At Least! He ended up having to pay his fellow double money for climbing and cutting and then the loss of a $300+ chain saw. I felt bad for him but was happy for my friend that got the great deal.

Spring Giveaway update.
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