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Monday, October 17, 2011

No swap this year.

Well, I guess that we won't be doing the swap this year. Maybe next year.
Hugs to all. Just not enough interest or possible due to the economy too.  No problem. Have a great Holiday and a safe one too.

Well, better early then waiting to the last moment.
I am going to host another Christmas Cup Swap. We had such a great turnout last year and I thought if I posted it now and left the sign-up time to November 15th so that would give everyone plenty of time to shop around and get those special Christmas mugs before they are all sold out.
Yes, most of the stores have already started with the Christmas decorations.
Now...  this is the topper.
This is not only a Christmas Cup Swap but... A Christmas Stocking Swap. Ewww.... We are having fun now.
This is the rules for the swaps.
You don't have to do both but would love it if you did.
Christmas cup Swap.
1 Cups must be new or very special vintage ones.
2 Price should be  $10 to $15 plus shipping. Not including shipping.
3 You can leave it empty or fill it with goodies, your choice.
4 Sign up ends on November 15th and must be shipped by November 30th at the latest. The sooner the better.

 Christmas Stocking Exchange.
This is the fun one that involves a little more creativity.
1 All the stockings must me Hand Made. Doesn't have to be made by you but that would be the nicest thing to do. But there are so many Christmas craft shows that are going on  now and you can find some awesome Stockings.
2 The Stockings should be at least valued at $20. You don't have to spend that much but if you were making it and decided to buy one you would put a $20 value on it. I know its hard to put a price on all our hard work but you know what you would pay if it was worth that much.
3 All stockings must be shipped by no later then the 5th.
Please state if you don't want to ship to Canada. It is spendy for both parties so if we have Canadians I will try and match you up with another one of your fellow Canadians.
4 Sign up ends on November 15th for this and the Christmas Cup exchange and Stockings need to be mailed by November 30th at the latest. Mail is slow that time of year.

This is the lovely one I received last year and it is so nice I have left it up all year. It was made by Sally from Georgia. Isn't it awesome. It is made from a brocade tapestry fabric with long fringe and she made a little extra one for my little 100+lb lap puppy.
So I am giving you plenty of time to either make or purchase your stockings.
So when you decide which one or both you want to sign up for just go to the comment page and leave your name and a way to contact you and which one you want to be a part of. I know the economy is bad right now but this is a once a year exchange and lets make this Christmas exchange a real BLAST ! ! !
Okay my fellow friends and followers. Pass the word and lets have some good ole fashion Christmas fun.

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Jan said...

Well, looks like we won't be doing the swap this year. Maybe next time.