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Monday, November 15, 2010

All giveaways that were suppose to get mailed today didn't

I am sorry, I was totally under the weather today and didn't make it to the PO. Tomorrow is the plan now. I am sorry but everyone has to have a down day. Mine was today but I will be up tomorrow.
Thanks for your understanding.


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Aww, get better soon Jan. ((Hugs))

Cathy said...

Jan: Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you are not getting a nasty cold. YUK! Glad you won the drawing, you lucky dog!!

Whooly bully was a work or was that OOOEY GOOEY!!.


PrimitiveJan said...

Okay, as I said I was going to give hints as to what this weeks drawing is for.
Hint # 1 wooly bully
Hint # 2 Leave them alone


Hope you feel better soon.