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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am so sorry I forgot to give the names for the christmas cup swap

I am so sorry, Debbie reminded me that I needed to post the
names of the part ners for the Christmas Cup Swap.  This should be easy as we only had 6 sign up. Oh well, their loss.
Okay, here goes, I will list the name and then hopfully I have everyones addresses. If I don't please email them to me ASAP so I can send them to your partners.
Jan - Lori
Kathy- Debbie
Pam - Cyndy

Lori, you already know what you are getting, sorry but I am sure you will love it. I do. Heheh
I hope that you enjoy doing this even if it is a small turn out.
Thanks for being a part of it all and Happy Hollidays.

 1    Jan / http://my coffee drinker

  2    Lori/ coffee drinker

  3    Kathy/ coffee or tea

  4    Cyndy/ coffee or tea

  5    Debbie/

  6    Pam/ tea cup

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