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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Your Room Awaits you

 Hehehe, can you tell I am excited. I have my daughters room all ready for her. I turn the mattress and put fresh linens on the bed, dusted, vacuumed and did as much as I could to make it comfortable for her. I just can hardly wait to reminisce about old times. We are going to visit old homes and stomping grounds when she was young and go through the coastal gift shops and have some awesome clam chowder at the Chowder Bowl in Nye Beach. Yum. We are just going to enjoy each others company for as much as we can in 4 days. Not long enough for having not seen each other for 12 years but we will make the most of it. Heheh, most of it will be spent on the road coming from the airport and going back. Wish we had a genie we could just blink and have all that extra time to spend together.

Here is you cozy little room. Now if you can just keep Phoebe off your bed you will be lucky. She loves to snuggle as you can tell from this pic

Wallace and Phoebe are patiently awaiting Aunt Susan's arrival. I keep saying to them "Where is Aunt Susan" and they tilt their heads and run to the window to see if someone's coming. They don't know who Aunt Susan is but it's company and they love company.

So they are guarding the stairs to your room and they know that something is going on with all the hub bub in the guest room with things being rearranged and freshened up.
So we are all ready for you Susan, just get on that jet and come see your mama. heheh
      Wallace is at the door to
    Welcome you to our home
         And Phoebe is on your bed
      waiting to snuggle and play ball


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Your room looks nice and cozy! I hope you
have a great visit with your daughter, 12
years is a very long time!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am SO thrilled for you...and for your daughter! I know how it feels to go years without seeing the ones you love and I know you'll enjoy every minute of her visit! And what a great time of year to come! You'll have a BALL! Give her lots of HUGS for me! You are such a special lady and deserve happiness, my friend! HAVE FUN! ♥♥♥

Susan R said...

I'm bringing an extra large suitcase with me so that I can bring Phoebe back with me.
The kids said if I come back without that dog, they are going to be upset.