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Friday, April 8, 2011

Have you missed me??

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I seem to be doing so much in my Punch needle work that little else has been going on. Between being stuck inside due to inclement weather and low economy and even higher gas prices, I have just enclosed myself indoors and into my needle work. I have been posting more on my other needle work blog and not so much here. I need to get busy and start some more sewing as that fits better into my Primitive Nest along with my baking. Since gardening has been put on hold for awhile I just get myself deep into needlework projects and this is what I am working on now. I just finished a little lamb that I put into the window of a memory box that I posted on my other blog but I will give you a quick glimpse here.

I am so looking forward to being able to go for our walks behind our library. I is so nice up in the trees but after having fallen and breaking my wrist on a wet leave I have chosen to walk that trail only when it is sunny, dry and warm. So, God willing that will happen soon in the very near future. This is our wonderful trail on a gorgeous sunny day

Puppies are all well and don't seem to mind the weather at all, in fact, I think they like getting there feet washed a dozen times a day. It is making me crazy but saves the carpet.

I have been having a great time watching the nesting Eagles that I posted about. The three little eaglets  are just adorable and very aggressive to boot. Boy when one thinks that another is getting too much food he or she grabs the back of the neck of his or her sibling and gives it a good shaking. Whew, even at three days old they show their dominance. I guess it is true, survival of the fittest.

So my dear followers, I am still here and so are Phoebe and Sweet Wallace and we will try to be more attentive to our first and foremost blog  and its followers.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends a send me a little sunshine please.
This is our wonderful little town of Toledo, Oregon on a nice sunny day. Would love to see it again some time soon. That the sun I am speaking of. heheh

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Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I have missed you! Thanks so much for the card. I am at my daughter's so using her address. More later..... linda @ Parker's Paradise