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Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Mama Loves Me and Wallace

Yes, My Mama loves us, she loves us, she gets down on her knees and hugs us,
She loves us like a tennis ball, don't know about rocks.
I'm so cute
Ya wanna play a little soccer??? Huh.....what do you mean its not a soccer ball, it works for me.  What??? Its not fair because I have four feet? No one ever said that life was fair but I guess it sort of sucks being you. Woof.. woof... woof  but I will give you a head start and let you kick off and I won't lick the ball too much.

I am just one of the fans because I can't get my mouth around the ball and I don't run as fast but Mama loves me just as much as you and she loved me firstest
Oh yea? Well don't push you luck buddy boy, I may be younger but I out weigh you by about 50 pounds.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Wallace is such a good sport! I can see he is cheering Phoebe on, despite their obvious differences! LOL
Love your dogs!

Jan said...

Thanks Linda,
So do I, They give bring me such joy and so many smiles and laughter everyday along with the constant bugging to play, play, play, like I have nothing else to do other then play with them. KIDS! If it was nice out I could just send them outside but it is still raining.

Julie said...

These two are so adorable!!! They love their Momma too!!! :)