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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just finished Kara's Rooster

Well, I just finished up Kara's Rooster for the little girl that created the picture. I made it into a pillow for her so now I need to get it sent off so that she can appreciate her creativity in another form.

This is my first rug hook with yarn. I thought I would start out with yarn and then on to bigger and better materials. I have the cut wool that I plan on using next I think that I am going to use a different pic though. I just have a problem duplicating too often. I am thinking along the line of a bee Skep. This is the one I have in mind.

I think that this will work great for a rug hook. The Skep itself looks like a rug hook to me. Now just to decide on the color scheme.

Still raining or I should say its raining again. We did have a couple of days of sunshine sort of. At least it was dry, sort of. It's going to take about a week of dry to allow for all the moisture in the ground to absorb so I can start digging and planting. It's just too wet to dig as I just end up with mud.

I am really getting tired of washing 8 little feet 6 times a day when my little furry friends come back inside. I was just wiping them off but it has gotten a little more in depth these days. With beige carpeting I sort of need to be a little more aggressive with the muddy feet.
So, I am off like a dirty shirt to see what other kind of trouble I can get into. I am still having a blast watching the Eagles and eaglets nesting on
I get so engrossed with the three little creatures. They really are developing their own personalities.
Hugs everyone.


Tina's Primitive Attic said...

That pillow is too sweet! That is so exciting that she created it and you brought it to life. Great job!

Jan said...

thanks Tina, I hope she enjoys it too. I am trying to get some of the local kids to draw me some pictures that I can use in my needle work.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the rooster! The colors really show it off! We've turned the eagle cam on a few times, too and what fun to see those baby chicks! I've been too busy to sit down and watch lately! Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs! ♥