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Friday, January 14, 2011

Preliminary sketch on fabric

Okay, this is what I have decided about this cross stitch project. I had contemplated stitching the whole thing but after trying to chart out all the different areas I decided to do it this way. I did a preliminary sketch on the fabric and shaded in the areas that I most likely will be stitching over. All the text will be stitched and I will go back in and stitch over the areas that I want to highlight and leave the background as is. It is suppose to be leaning toward the Primitive aesthetic values so I feel that the sketch as well as the stitching will accomplish that. Like I say it is Preliminary and I will keep you updated.
 The shadow below the picture is just that, a shadow. It has not been shaded it is just from the way the picture was taken.
This is the other one that I am working on too. My eyes are giving me grief and I even use a magnifying lamp
but I think that I may have to start saving up for a new pair of glasses too.

I have also stitched up some bears and sheep and just need to go pick up the stuffing for them.
So, you see, life is going on and starting to shift gears again after the holidays. There always seems to be that time where you feel like you are just idling and can't get you mind in gear. Well my friends. I am in first and heading toward second. Just wait till I get in 5th gear. Heheh that is usually when I am just cruising along and things are moving smoothly. I usually stay between 3rd and 4th most of the time. heheh
So I've got the engine warming up and I will show you my travels a little later.
Have a terrific Friday.


Susan said...

I can't believe you can just come up with something that way. You are talented. Now how come some of that artistic talent wasn't passed onto me?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You always make so many different things...and I haven't done anything lately except walk at the park and read when I want to relax! lol I can't wait to see the bears and sheep! Enjoy your weekend! I'm going to try to start a project this weekend! We'll! ♥♥♥