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Friday, January 21, 2011

Allergic to pine needles now?????

I have been making pine needle baskets for years but now I have developed an allergy to Pine needles or the oil or whatever is on them. Last year I was making some baskets and at the same time I visited the aquarium here in Oregon. Well, I was handling the stingrays and sharks in the observation tank where you can touch and experience the fish with your hands. I developed the same reaction that I swelled up with the other day. The doctors were baffled and put me though all sorts of tests and lab work only to decide that the only thing that was going to work was prednisone. I was a horrible mess to look at. My face looked like I had been through an abrasion procedure. It didn't get that bad this time so far as we caught it right away and figured out that it was the pine needles. Benadryl and all those allergy meds didn't work, only the prednisone.
So after making all those baskets for everyone else I don't even have one for myself. Dang it.I guess I will have to buy one.
Maybe I can trade one for all the pine needles that I have.
Guess I am going to just be handling fabrics, beads, wax and threads from now on.
Its funny how after years of never having any problems with allergies, I am now extremely allergic to them.
Makes me so angry as I love making them and this was the first one since my hand surgeries. Guess I'm gettin older. Heheh
These are some of the baskets that I made before.

Well, I have my work cut out for me for now with the cross stitches that I am working on. One for CCP Gathering


mornings322 said...

Hello Jan

That really stinks to be allergic to something you love to do. You do amazing work on the baskets. And you needlework is awesome. I wish I had the patience to do needlework. The counting throws me every time so I don't bother with it.

Have a great day my friend!

just me said...

wonder if you could wear latex gloves when making them? my littlest always tells me he is allergic to something when he doesn'twant to eat it, doesn't even know what it means!lol

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

They say that you can become allergic from
exposure to all the chemicals we have in
our homes. They also say you can become
allergic to things, when you become middle
aged, even if you have never had any
problems, before hand....Just what you
wanted to hear, huh? The latex gloves might
work, but then it might be from breathing
in something from the needles. Take care!
Your baskets are beautiful! Did you ever
set up at the Fall Festival in Bend?

Bear Hugs~Karen

PrimitiveJan said...

No, my baskets were sold before they were made. I made them on commission. I also used them in bartering. At least I will have left my mark on this world. In my paintings, baskets, beaded gourds and needlework, so I can't complain too much.
Thanks for the kudos.

Susan said...

I'm not so sure it's a good idea to even have one in your house. They say that everytime you have an allergic reaction that susequent ones become worse. I wouldn't risk it.
Maybe a different kind of fun basket. I've seen some made by women from Rawanda. They are a sort of fabric wrapped around cording. Anyway...I'm glad you're doing better.

Trish-Ladybug said...

Jan -- Susan is so right having them in your house also can be a problem too,Karen has some
very good points too.. Fabric wrapped cording
make awesome looking baskets it a very old "Art"
Glad your doing better....

PrimitiveJan said...

I have seen some of the coiled baskets and yes they really are beautiful. Guess I will have to give them a try. Need to get the coiling. It comes in different diameters. The fabric is cut on the bias so you get much more out of the same amount when you consider the stretch. I just really loved the smell and the whole idea of the pine needle baskets. I may try using grapevines. They aren't and precise but still make nice baskets along with willows.