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Friday, January 7, 2011

Creative juices aren't flowing as fast as I would like them to

Have you noticed that creativity needs a little extra boost to get going after all the holidays are done? I don't seem to have the energy or inspiration to get the motivation into gear. Its more like getting the butt into gear. I have many things that I want to get going on like my grandchildren's teddy bears that didn't get done by Christmas.
Is anyone else having this problem? I contribute a lot of it to lack of sunshine and warmth. Good excuse heh? No, really, I need to recharge my solar batteries. When it is so cold I just want to stay bundled up and my studio is upstairs and I usually block that area off so that I am not heating up rooms that aren't in use 24/7.
I guess I will just have to open it up long enough to get some things stitched up and or cut out.
I am making slow headway on my daughters cross stitch sampler that will include her family children's names,births and her wedding date.

I can also see the restlessness in my little girl. Heheh, little? Yea right. Well, I guess this all means that we need a lot more exercise so, GOD, if you are listening, I could use some nice sunny weather to get the ole batteries recharged please? I promise to be good and not yell at my four legged kids when they chew up my new socks, or when they want to play at 3:00 am .


Cathy said...


Happy New Year! And yes I am sitting my butt down too much! I do have lots of inspiration with all the blogs I visit every day, Getting started on some of those projects is hard when I have 20 that aren't even completed yet.
I did get together 2 quilts to send off to be quilted. The larger tops I send out. I still have at least 5 smaller ones to quilt and I just finished putting together my Cat in the Hat quilt and really want to get that finished this weekend.

Well we are expecting some more snow. So much for global warming, hasn't been warm in months.:P I hope we get another few feet then I will be snowed in and forced to sit around!!

Better go I am at work ya know! On break.

good luck with your winter blues and



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's nice to see you this morning! I was just saying that maybe I should crochet today! I wanted to start some sewing projects but I twisted my back yesterday...first thing...and it is still sore today! This 'taking it easy' is not 'easy'! I have SO much I want to do! lol But I know you understand better than me! I have a new book to start today...oh well! Hope we all can get going soon..doing ALL the things we want to do! HUGS! ♥♥♥

Trish-Ladybug said...

Well we finally got some nice sunny days, so
I been walking every mid-morning or afternoon
And yes.. We all have so many things to finish
and new things to start, never ending project

Your project looks great.your off to good start
what a work of art...

Love the Photos of the Critters too :-) How

Hugs :-)

Carol said...

Oh yes Jan, alot of gals are going through this slump. I think if you go into your studio you'll gets motivated by the ccold and have to keep busy creating to stay warm.

Julies Knit & Sew Corner said...

Hi Jan nice to hear from you. I know just what you mean, I have moments where my creative mind is on a go slow. At the moment as you saw I am starting to knit baby cardigans for my new grand daughter, and i have a few other ideas for toys so I think that has given me a boost now.
I wish you a Happy New Year. Julie.C