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Monday, January 31, 2011

My newest design and project

I chose the majestic sheep that is standing alone as my first design project. So far I think it is going well, I just received my new needles today and I really like the feel of them. I have a different set ordered so I guess I will see which is my favorite. I am using JP coats floss 2 strands for this ewe. The dark is almost a forest green I didn't get the number off of it. Stupid but there was just a small amount left on the card. The other color is a light beige and also a verigated beige. I need to go back and rework some details on the muzzle though. It seem to get lost from back to front.
I do like the subject matter however and plan on working it all the way to the outside then punch needle a frame around it. I will keep you updated as I work my way through it. I do need to get back to my cross stitch work too. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day anymore. 


Trish-Ladybug said...

Its Great.... :-)

Lori said...

I love that photo Jan. It's going to look wonderful. Needle punch is another item on my list of things I want to try out.

PrimitiveJan said...

Anyone that hasn't tried it doesn't know what they are missing. I love it. I have discoverd however that detail is important. I need to rework the face as it lots some detail in the outlining. I am still learning. Hehehe
Thank you all for your great comments. I appreciate them all.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It really looks wonderful! So much detail! You are so creative to be able to do your own designs! I am amazed! Hugs to you! You've made my week special! ♥

PrimitiveJan said...

Well, I didn't like the way it was going so I am starting over. Heheh. I am my own worst critic. Hehe