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Monday, January 17, 2011

Migraines and Cross stitch don't mix

I have been trying to work on three different cross stitches and my headaches are just getting the better of me. Guess I will have to put them up for a couple of days. Errrrr..... I want to keep going but the more I try to concentrate on each stitch the more my head pounds. I think it is winning for now.

I haven't gotten far on any of them but I have made a switch in the sampler for my daughter. We decided that we like this pattern better and so I have started on it. It is a Family Tree Sampler so it works out just the way we wanted it too.
This is the newest sampler I have started
and this is the beginning of the CCP Gathering sampler. I did find out some very interesting information regarding the house on the sampler.
This came from a Member of CCP Gathering along with the photo of the original Garrison House. Thank you Ginny

The old garrison houses looked like this one and some were taller like the one on Crows Creek.  It was fortified with the second floor overhanging the first floor.  This was to keep the indians away from the second floor.  The people inside could shoot at the indians from above.  They were constructed of stone or logs.  As the years went on the houses were built like the Crows Creek one without the overhang.  You still see some now being built with the overhang though.  Our family was the second original family in my hometown.  There is a book about the Gunnisons and in it there is a place that tells of a garrison house that all the area neighbors ran to for protection when indians were sighted.  I guess not everyone built these style houses. 

Isn't this fun sewing a part of history along with our pro board banner. I am going to enjoy making this even more. The best part of this and no one knows is that I am going to give it as a special gift to someone special. 
Now, if my head will just let me do what my hands want to do. My hands are cooperating but my eyes are making my head hurt more.
It was finally a nice day here today and i could get myself up and out to enjoy it. I will just have to do some self healing and make myself feel better tomorrow so I can at least take my kids for a walk with out it raining. They are getting tired and fat because they can't get out to exercise and the back yard just doesn't cut it. I mean, who want to play in their bathroom so to speak. I do the Poop Patrol daily but still they are bored with just the back yard. 
I am going to soak some pine needles tomorrow to see if I can still make a pine needle basket. I haven't tried since my hand surgery but since I can't see to do the cross stitch I have to do something.

So there you go. As promised an update.
Have a super awesome week my friends


Julie said...

Sorry about your headaches Jan! You are braver than I, doing cross stitch! I am scared to try with my vision! My new natural light helps.

I am currently knitting, and making a felt book for Valntines Day for my DIL. Always have to be doing something it seems, until 3am every night....feel there must be something wrong with me not wanting to sleep, but stay up all night playing! Hehehe. Hey...have you ever tried Basil Tea? I found out about it just add a few leaves of fresh basil to your cup of hot tea, and it is supposed to help with allergies, and colds, plus helps to relax and helps you sleep! I am going out to buy a plant tomorrow and a tea infuser so I can put the leaves in there and just pull the ball out after it steeps a few minutes. OK, girl...take it easy on the eye straining and get those headaches GONE!
See ya round...

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh my goodness, I could see how one could get a headache cross stitching. I've done a little stitching myself and it makes my eyes wonky. Get yourself feeling better Jan:) Your stitcheries are awesome and it's neat you get history with them.

Susan said...

Sorry about the migraines mom. Could be worse, we could have been sitting on the edge of a lake fishing with the glare of the sun bouncing off the water into our eyes for 8 hours. Remember that?
The family tree looks absolutely wonderful, I know it's going to be great when it's finished, can't wait.

PrimitiveJan said...

OMG, how funny. I was just telling Greg about that. Remember we couldn't even cook that huge 4lb trout until the next night because we both had such horrendous headaches. How funny. Well, it really wasn't at the time.
Yea, I think I am going to really like our new choice.
I am going to try to make some pineneedle baskets today if my hands will work.

Trish-Ladybug said...

Jan the post is awesome sharing about the History
of your Family..Your such a talented gifted person you are amazing with the creative art you do.
Juile the Basil Tea I just was also reading about
that the other day and I grow lots of Basil and dry it will be growing more this Spring season.
Herbs are amazing plant...

Jan hope your feeling better soon.