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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Okay, this is my first attempt.

Well, I finally finished the little chickadee and now I am going to fill in around it to form a little picture and frame.
I am loving it and now that I see that it is something I can do with relative ease I have invested in some new flosses and new needles.
My picture is a little blurry but so were my eyes at midnight.I finally closed my eyes only to awake to horrible nightmares. The kind that you are trying to yell or scream and nothing will come out. I was even yelling that I can't see, I can't see, then it was I can't talk
The were terrible nightmares, one after another and I actually woke myself up yelling an obscenity at my attacker. I never talk like that so it even surprised me when I yelled the F word. The Queen mother of bad words. No it wasn't fudge.  My hubby said who are you yelling at?  I don't know some jerk that won't leave me alone.
He then said, " poor guy, he hasn't a clue who he is dealing with", laughed then went back to sleep.
Heheh. Gotta love em.
Well, thank God I made it through the night. Okay, I think I know why I had nightmares.
I was pulled over yesterday by a state trooper in our little town. I have not been stopped in 15 years. Good
driving record up till yesterday. Ewwww.... I live in a very small rural town with one main street which has most of the businesses on it. At the end of the main street there is a
flashing red traffic light for main street, but a yellow flashing light for the downhill cross street. I know this light and I have almost been hit byothers that pull out thinking I have a red light too. Any way, I stopped, looked, then started to pull out. WHOOPS, where did he come from. The state trooper. I immediately stopped to let him pass but he waved me on. Yea right. then he turned on his lights. OMG, I am being pulled over. I was so.... nervous. really shaking nervous. One reason is that I hadn't changed my AZ license to an Oregon one when I moved here. It was still valid in AZ but I was in violation of not changing in within a month or so. I have only been here 5 years. Whoops. Well, he wasn't impressed with my awesome driving record or my smile or the fact that I was so.... dang nervous. However, it was going through my mind that if I just smiled and acknowledged the fact that I knew I was in the wrong and that I always had such great intentions he would let me off. I tried to act the sweet little older lady that just needed a little break and if I was cutsey like those silly girls on Cops, he would let me off with just a warning and scolding. Well in the end, he did, BUT and this is a big But, he gave me one week to get my new license and that he had up to 6 months to still site me if I hadn't gotten it. He said he was going to stop by my house to make sure that I had followed through. The benefit of a small town.He didn't even site me for the moving violation.I thanked God as he was walking back to his car and I was wondering if it helped that his last name was McKay and mine is MacKay. Seriously doubt it, but never the less, I have to go take my written test next week. I panic on tests and I suppose thats why I kept putting it off. Wish me luck my friends. I know I was wrong. Oh yea, he asked me why I didn't get it sooner and I just said, well I hardly ever drive and this one was good till 2013 and I just thought I would wait. He didn't even smile at that. These young dedicated troopers have no sense of humor. Hehehe......
Okay. Drive safely and enjoy your weekend. I am going to be studying my handbook.


flutterbygone's said...

I LOVE it! I shall NOT even post my first is unrecognizable! I hope to work on it more later!!!!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Good job - I have the needle, but have yet to start on my first attempt - haven't even picked a pattern yet..but it is something I want to learn this year. Have fun and no more nightmares!

Punchneedle and Me said...

Your first PunchNeedle Project came out GREAT! Now make sure you save it for a year from now I want you to see the improvements you will make. You are so talented that I can only imagine the fabulous designs you will be punching!
PS. Glad the police was nice :-)

Trish-Ladybug said...

The first PunchNeedle project looks so great
you are just so talented... PS.. Good Lucky
on the DL Test, will be thinking of you...:-)
Hugs Trish

Firecracker Kid said...

Very cute birdy Jan:) As was your attempt to bamboozle the state Although you did much better than I the last time I was pulled over for speeding. My trooper told my hubby I had a smart mouth and it was gonna get me in trouble one day. That was before my meds:) and I stay away from people now.
Study hard gal and good luck on your test.