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Friday, January 21, 2011

coiled basket making.

I have been researching the coiling core baskets and found a source and some very pretty designs for making the coiled core baskets. I guess I was just in hopes that I could continue with my pine needles but I will sell my huge stash of needles and buy some coiling core to try my hand at these.

Here are some nice baskets that I found on line.

Also I have made one of these before that is a lot of fun

yes, I know there are many other ways of making the baskets. It was just my preference for using natural materials and the warm colors and smell of the needles.
I guess I will just have to change my way of thinking. Thats hard to do at my age. Heheh
The crocheted rug that I made lasted for about 10 years. It was sort of funny that I bought all this pretty new fabric then shredded it up to make my rag crocheted run. It was made from a combination of red, yellow and blue calico's. Very homey.
Thank for all your suggestions. I will give them some thought.
Okay my friends, you have given me lots to think about and a way around my allergies. You are true friends.


Trish-Ladybug said...

You are so welcome :-) enjoy

Julie said...

Sorry about your allergies...I and my whole darn family are affected terribly both seasonally, and just to all sorts of things...even temperature changes!!!

Love these coil bags! I am in the process of making a rag rug (crochetted). It is fun. My middle (first section) was a mostly beige with a thin line plaid, and it was a queen sized sheet. Now I have found a 100% high thread count BEAUTIFUL all blue sheet for the rest...I just can't bring myself to tear it up!!! One of these days I'm gonna get it done! :)