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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saint Francis of Assisi comes to the rescue again

Yep, I saved another bird yesterday with the help of my neighbor.
I was out in the back yard when I noticed the big black crow on the fence. Well, I thought it was a crow till it stretched out its neck. WOW ! ! ! What is that??
I ran in the house and grabbed my camera so I wouldn't lose the shot. I wanted it to turn and look at me so I made a little noise. It didn't move. I was able to get right up next to it and saw the huge web feet. NOT A CROW ! ! It looks like some sort of sea bird like a cormorant of sorts. I saw that it was in some distress and really out of its element so I decided to intervene. I was able to grab it gently around the body as was going to set it on the ground where web feet are more comfortable and it, not so gently nipped my arm with its very sharp long beak.  I will live. My neighbor brought out a small sheet that we were able to wrap around it and then I put it into a cage.
I called the local aquarium and they said they would take it but I would have to bring it to them and they would probably just release it into the beach area. So I decided and discussed with the person on the phone that I could just take it down to the docks by the park and release it myself since that was what they were going to do. It didn't look to have any injury just sort of tired and scared.
So we loaded it in to my car and off we went.
We got to the park and it was nice and quiet so we unloaded the cage and took it down to the waters edge and I took the top of the cage off and let it come out itself. I then sort of coaxed it to the water and it jumped in dove down and came up smiling sort of . heheh. It then began paddling around and dove again and came up with a little fish. I think it was happy to be back in its element, and I was happy to help save another of Gods Great Creatures.
I cleaned my arm real well and pour peroxide on it and it looks fine this morning. No redness at all just a 2" cut .
My Neighbor and I are going to head back to the park to see if its still hanging around and if it is okay.


Susan R said...

Good on ya for being a bird saver.
It's a pretty bird too. I miss sea birds.
We have a lot of magpies though. They are balck with long white tails, kind of fun to look at, but annoying birds.

Linda said...

Wow, that is a huge bird! So glad you rescued him!