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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Phoebe had a great day

We had a great day yesterday. I feel like I accomplished a lot and still have time to have some fun. It was a hot day and it was time to pull out the swimming pool. Phoebe's swimming pool. She started out playing in the sprinkler but I decided that today would be a great day for a bath. So I filled up her pool and waited till the water had warmed up a bit then Phoebe had her first bath. Yes, she has played in the water and is really a clean dog but never had a real bath. We have a dinky bathroom with a dinky shower so there was no way I was going to bathe her in the house. So I made a game of it and she had a blast. Yes we were both soaked when it was all over but we had fun. I got in the pool with her and got her all wet. Then I took the Japanese way of bathing and applied all the shampoo outside of the pool. I then lathered her up and did a basic rinse outside of the pool then we both got in and splashed and I got her to lay down and really got all the shampoo off of her. She smelled like a sweet Strawberry. Her favorite treat. Frest Strawberries from the garden. She liked the way she smelled I think as she kept sniffing herself. Her legs and back and yes, of course her private parts too. She slept well last night after a long walk and her first bath she was a happy camper.

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Carol said...

Ahhh, now that sounds like fun. Good for you and Pheobe. She's a pretty gal and looks very happy.