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Friday, September 9, 2011

YEA ! ! ! Its Fry day depending on where you are.

 Monastery Complex fire in Oregon/Washington
The weather has been so hot everywhere and we are fortunate enough to have a bit of an Ocean breeze being just 6 miles from the coast. We are naturally a bit warmer but still not suffering like so many of you in the desperately hot climates.
Mount hood fire near Sisters Oregon
We are only going to be in the high 60's here. I bet you are all saying, WHAT ! hot temps. Well, we never get too hot here in Toledo, Oregon and hot for us would be upper 80's. That's why I left Tombstone, AZ. Couldn't handle the hot temps and swap coolers are just that. Swampy, humidity. YUK! ! but it was better then nothing and cheaper the AC.
So now we are content to be right where we are. It rains too much in the winter but keeps things green and I love green. I am partial to green not BROWN ! !
 So, even though we have cooler temps in our area, in the Portland and eastern Oregon the fires continue to burn out of control in High Heat temps.
So to all of you in those devastating areas, be safe and stay clear until they the powers that be say it is safe to return. I will pray for your safety and your homes. Many have lost so much already but as one woman I saw on a broadcast who had just lost everything she owned said. I am so blessed and so lucky, none of my family was hurt and everyone is safe. I know how difficult it is to lose everything and my heart goes out to those that have.
Hugs and blessings to them all.
 What we need right now is a great Native American Rain dance. I am not saying that this is a rain dance but if all of us would just take a moment and go outside and say to heck with the neighbors, crank up your favorite  music and start dancing and maybe if enough of us do it Our God will hear and laugh and his tears of laughter will be showers of rain here on earth. So what are you waiting for?
Just Dance
I am dancin


Ladybug said...

Those fires look awful..Glad to know you are not in harms way.. Yes I take 80 temps all the time too in a "heart" beat Tombstone Az is alot Hotter. So wished when we moved that it was more
North.. Like Canada hheheheh maybe some day !!!
Cute Dancing Granny's ... Texas needs her.....

Char said...

The fires look terrible but beautiful at the same time - does that even make sense!?!? We are finally starting to get some cooler weather here in Ohio. Puts me in the mood to craft. Now if I can only find the time!!!!

Take care!