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Monday, May 23, 2011

Well we had a great day today. Phoebe found a new ball in her bad of dog food. It was sort of like a toy in the cracker jacks box. She played with that little blue squeaky toy all day. Had so much fun tossing it in the
air and playing with it like she never had a toy before. While I laid the weed cloth and then put the bark chips down she kept putting the ball in the center of the bed. Isn't that just like a kid. Don't ignore me or I will make my presence known. At least I got the iris bed done now I just have to wait and hope that I transplanted enough of them to get a good bed going again. Looks a little sad just now but it will look great in about a month. I will post another picture then.
Other then that I am pretty much caught up with the back yard. My back is shouting at me tonight that I over did it again but oh well at least its done and my back can rest up for a few days then we get busy on the front yard. Hehehe
I just wanted to share a few Quotes from my Grandson Davids blog. He is so cute and his quotes are really impressive.
These are really great.
Quotes from Boolies blog

The world's waiting for your dream. The only thing that's stopping it is you waititng. What are you waiting for?"

"There may be guns, there may be swords, there may be bombs, there may be wars. But in the end, no weapon can defeat bravery."

"Influences are like a permanant marker on an arm. You can try to wash it off, but it will always be there."

"The world's growing bigger by the minute, join it before it shrinks."

"The only thing that's stopping you from solving the problem is you letting it become you. Fight it, before it becomes too late."

"Don't make fires that others have to hose down."

"Everyone has music in them, they just have their own way of showing it."

"Two minds may think alike, but they cannot act like."

"Bullies are just a boulder on the road of your dream. Walk over it, and nothing can stop you."

"Getting peace can be like tying to catch smoke with your bare hands. Add more bare hands to help."

"School can't teach you everything, sometimes you have to look up to someone else."

"Breaking promises is like breaking glass, step on it, and you bleed."

"Your life's closing around you, make every second count."

"People may try to kill your dreams, the only way that's going to happen, is if you let them."

"Don't worry if you're not rich and famous. It comes to you, not the other way around."

Thank you David. 

Aren't those great. David is one awesome kid.
And with that I will close for the day. Have a great day tomorrow.

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Jan said...

One man made this comment;

"He's astounding! I was going to say he'll be a great man, but he's great already!"
Quentin Eckman