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Friday, May 20, 2011

Nice while it lasted

                Yep, the rain is back but its suppose to only last a couple of days then more sunshine. Yea! I want more. I feel like this was just a tease. Heheh So I am praying for sunshine in my eyes again. These two day will give me a couple of days for my sunburn to heal.
So we are singing in the rain again.
I am going to be working on a new stitching project so I am going to have to wait to finish my Iris beds.till we have some more sunshine so that picture will have to  

                                                        Bye for now and have a great weekend.


cottageprims said...

We need some sunshine here too.Been raining for 3 weeks.When summer gets here we'll be hopping for rain Blessings!~Amy

Ladybug said...

We had a rain storm other day here in Az not
normal for us in May..Loving our weather :-)so
is the garden such cool temps... Days we wish
for in heat of July !!!!
it's a awesome Photo Jan...

Bug Hugs Trish-Ladybug