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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I would just like to wish all of you that are Mothers and those of you that are about to become Mothers and most of all To all the Mothers that, like my own dear mother, have passed over that rainbow bridge,

       " Happy Mother's Day"

I wish so much that I could hug my own again,  and in my heart and soul, I am doing just that. I miss you Mama. I miss laughing together and sharing our feelings and hearts together. I miss watching the American Kennel Club Dog show together. We would do that every year and if we were apart we would sit on the phone and watch it together. To this day, I have never failed to watch the Pedigree AKC Dog Show every year. My DSH always knows what I will be doing on those evenings and always gives me that time for sharing with my Mom.
Her last year of life we moved her up to our town in Bend, Oregon and got her a little one bedroom apt with a yard. She always wanted a little yard where she could plant flowers and have a white picket fence with a little dog in the yard. My husband built her the fence and we planted flowers together and then went to the animal shelter to pick out a little dog for her. She picked a little mixed adult dog and she was so happy for at least 9 months. Her health then declined rapidly and I moved her in with us. We fixed her up a bedroom and with a wonderful sunny window where I planted Sweet peas that the fragrance could waif through the open window. I think she was as comfortable as could be expected and she never ever complained until the last couple of weeks where I had to increase the morphine and the dreams caused her quite a bit of confusion and grief. The hospice nurses were so wonderful and just loved her as she was always trying to make them laugh and cheer them up no matter how bad she felt.
I just thank God for their wonderful care of my dear mother.
She passed quickly when the time came and I miss her so much.
So, a message to those of you lucky ones that still have your dear mothers with you or near you,
Hug your mothers and 
let them know how loved they are 
and how much they mean to you. 
You may not be so lucky to have the
opportunity to be able to do it 
again next year.

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Profile said...

Happy Mothers Day Jan...
Have a wonderful special day...
Enjoyed your post ...of Cherish memories...
Blessing / Hugs