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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunshine in abundance. YEA ! ! !

Here comes the Sun and I say, It's alright!

We just had an awesome day yesterday. We had sunshine in abundance. Enough so that I even got a great sunburn. I know, I know all about the skin cancer,  but it feels awesome instead of the cold wet soaked body and hypothermia and wind burn. I'll take a sunburn every now and then anytime. I think that Phoebe even got a little sunburn inside her ear while she was sleeping in the sunshine. Have to watch that.

Phoebe had a great day too as these pics are proof. I got loads of yard work done but try as I might, I couldn't keep Phoebe occupied long enough to get more then a few digs before I had to toss the ball again so I pulled out her swimming pool. You can see she liked that.

I still need to replant my Iris bed but at least the weeds are gone. I wish I could have done it sooner but weather wasn't my ally and I had to wait for some dry days.
But never the less, we got it done, note I say we. She wasn't a lot of help but she kept me company and whats more fun then working with friends.
I will post more pictures when I get the Iris bed done. I still have about 2 more days of yard work to do before I can say that I am ready to enjoy the yard and the summer and fun with the family in the sunny days to follow. I think that Phoebe throughly enjoy her day outside with Mom. I think she is missing her brother a little less and we are helping each other everyday it gets a little easier.

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