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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scattered showers but at least we aren't suffering.

Yes, more rain but at least we are above water. I feel so bad for all of those that have truly suffered this winter. I am sure that God mush have his reasons for all this crazy weather this winter and who am I to question his decisions but I sure wish he would start smiling soon and send us a huge dose of SUNSHINE.
I have almost forgot what a nice hot day feels like. I could always make a trip back to our ole homestead in Tombstone, AZ but then I would have to deal with the scorpions too. I will pass and just be patient. I know that God hears my pleas. Please??

I just finished my latest Punch Needle project and if you head over to my other blog you can see it. I am trying to decide what to start on next.

 I was hoping that I would be outside gardening by now but I guess I have time to do another project before it will be dry enough to get out there and pull weeds and get my Iris bed back in some sort of order. It just looks like a weed bed now. This is what it is suppose to look like.

It looks like I am going to get a nice bunch of raspberries this year. I hope. I see lots of baby berries so if the sun comes out, I will be munching on some of my berries.
 I have lots of flowers on my strawberry plants so Phoebe and I will both be happy. That is why I had to close of the back section of my garden as Phoebe loves strawberries and ends up eating them even before they are ready. Have you ever heard of a dog that loves strawberries and yes apples. She loves pealed apples. Won't eat it if you don't take the peal off. She isn't spoiled not a bit. Humph!!! hehehe. .

This picture is from last year but I grow all my strawberries in Straw bales. So much easier on the back and right at the perfect level for Phoebe to go shopping for her daily supply of stawberries.

 Gotta love her. She demands it. But then who could refuse a face like this?

Well, I am off to do what ever life throws at me today. No major planning other then a few walks with the little 100lb+  lap puppy. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day. We are going to no mater what. Hehe

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mornings322 said...

Hi Jan and Phoebe
I can see why Phoebe loves strawberries...they are so good. My lab loves fish of all things. Loves to eat tuna. I'm just waiting for him to "meow" at me one day, lol.
I saw your penny rug needle punch and you did an awesome job on it. I saw it over on Prim Pals forum. So far so good over there.

Have a great day and enjoy.