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Friday, May 13, 2011

We are trying to move on, Its not easy

Phoebe and I have been trying hard to stay busy and take long walks instead of the short walks we used to do because walking two kids that want to go different directions and stop here and go there makes it a little tough on the arms for me. So now Phoebe and I are taking much longer walks and just trying to stay busy.
I thought I would try walking her without her choke collar yesterday as she seem to be doing so well. WELL.... big mistake. We came to a chain link fence with a little frenzied chihuahua just inside. OMG, this little Tasmanian devil of a chihuahua was choosing my Phoebe on. Now Phoebe weighs a little over a hundred pounds and this devil was raising (sorry) hell at  the fence. Well Phoebe has never encountered such a critter and just wanted to catch it or what ever and drug me down to the sidewalk on my hip and knee. My hand was well wrapped in the leash but the dogs were going back and forth and I couldn't get myself up to pull her away. I don't know how, but I finally made it back to my feet and grabbed her by the collar and had to literally drag her across the street and gain my composure or what was left of it back. HOLY TOLEDO, she is one strong dog and I will never take her out with out the choke collar until I get this new harness that you hook the leash to the front and if she pulls it yanks her around. Sounds good to me.
I could hardly move this morning but figured if I didn't do something I would be very sorry so I have been mowing and weed wacking the back and front yard. Major big job. So now I am taking a deserved break and having some lunch.

Now off to finish the west 40 of weed wacking.  Wish me luck.


Ladybug said...

Hi Jan so good to see your post once again..
missed you :-) Yard is looking good.. Phoebe is
trying to protect Mom from the little fenzied
Chihuahua...Did you know Jan there is a new
leash out I saw on TV that is comfortable
then a chock collar,If I see the Ad again I'll
write down the info.. If I had Doggies I be getting those for sure fix's all sizes of dogs
be perfect and you have more control when walking


Julie said...

Oh, gosh, Jan! Unreal what you went through! I am so sorry! Hope you can move all your arms/legs OK. (nothing broken)!!! What a pain.

You sure have a lovely backyard area for gardening! I am trying to remember if you are the one who posted about straw bales in the first place and that is what had gotten me to your blog! I was reading all about Ruth Stout, who gardens the easy way ...with mountains of straw hay!

It seems such a neat way to garden...the straw is so expensive here, I can't afford it, sadly!!! :(

Jan said...

Yes Julie, I do grow in the straw. You know that just two or three bales will last a couple of years and my straw berries that I planted 5 years ago and transplanted into new bales last year are still getting ready to produce again.
A wheat straw bale here is about 6 dollars. I suppose it is a bit harder to acquire bales in FL.