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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Still waiting for the Sun

This is my way of doing the sunshine dance. I figure if I post enough pictures and play the right music we will get some nice sunny weather. Yes, I know I am complaining about the rain but even the ducks are leaving because they can't get enough dry time for there poor feathers to dry off.
I would hate to think that I have to go to Holland to get some nice sunny days but it wouldn't be bad if I got to see these awesome windmills,

Other then doing my usual needle work projects I haven't been doing much else.
I wish that I had a nice green house as I would be out there getting some seedlings going for the garden. I was in the nursery section at Wally world yesterday  and looking at all the pretty flowers and fruit trees and flowering trees. I want to plant some trees this year in hope that they will love the rain and grow quickly.

We have one area in the back yard that during the rainy times is like a

small pond. Now I am wondering what sort of trees love to grow near water. I am open to suggestions. I heard that Weeping Willows like lots of water as do cotton woods too but many folks have allergies to cotton woods and I would hate to make enemies. So I am also contemplating growing willows too.  I love the curly willows. Suggestions please

Phoebe's Easter bunny came early. She got a bag of Penn tennis balls from a friend and a container of Wilsons from Dad. They are her favorites as they last the  longest.

She love her tennis balls so much that they are like a pacifier for her. She has fallen asleep with one in her mouth. Her Kong is still # uno in her basket of goodies though. When she is playing with them she always has two, one in her mouth and one to bat around on the floor like a soccer ball.She never ceases to amaze me. Sleeping with her tennis ball in her mouth. 
Thank God she can't swallow it.

So my friends if you have any influence with the weather man, and I am not talking about the one on the TV, please ask him to give us some sunshine. I am not the only one that would appreciate it but so would these little kids

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