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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been neglecting My Primitive Nest

A dear friend brought it to my attention that I haven't posted here in several days. I guess I have just been so wrapped up in my Needle punch work that I have been neglecting my other friends and family.
Its funny how you can become so consumed in your hobbies or projects that you forget that there is another world out there that is still awaiting your return. I apologize for not taking time to share with you all.
I suppose its like having two houses, one is a summer home and one is a winter home. During the winter when we are stuck inside we tend to do more of our indoor hobbies such as sewing and stitching which is what I have been doing in my Winter home,
I do promise to spend a lot more time here during the summer months when I am gardening and doing all the cooking and other goodies that I will be sharing here more in my Summer home,
I will still be sharing my family life and everything other then my needle work here. My sewing projects will go here and all family happenings will go here.
So that being said, all is well at the Mackay Nest. Phoebe is still huge and sleeping on my lap like as if she were only 5 lbs where she is almost 20 times that. Yes, she is close to 100lbs now.  the funnies thing happen yesterday. You all know how obsessed she is with balls, well , she also has a toy known as a Kong. It is the only toy that has held up to many months of chewing and gnawing and has still remained in one piece. We couldn't find it anywhere. My husband and I and Phoebe were on all fours looking everywhere for it. For two days we looked for it. Well today I found it and you will never guess where so I am going to show you. Yes, in the washing machine. I suppose she decided it needed to be washed and it did get washed. I am surprised I didn't hear it when it was spinning. Much to her delight, she now has her clean Kong back in her mouth.
Wallace doesn't play with toys much anymore. I guess that is because Phoebe usually ends up taking them away from him because he lets her and she can. Some times there is a little bit of a scuffle but he is easy and usually gives in quickly. He loves his sister.
DSH is still working 6 days a week and much to his delight, Nascar is back on TV. I am not much of a Nascar fan but because he enjoys it so much I watch it with him and have my favorites now and can pretty much keep up with what is going on. It also allows us to do something together and he can relax on his only day off. I can sit and watch it with him but still be working on my stictiching at the same time.
Well, my dear friends I promise not to forget you for so long again.
Thanks Diane for reminding me what is important. Hugs my friends


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Hi there girlfriend! It's nice to get caught up and to know that Kong survived the washing machine and is clean now! heehee! I know you've been always have so many neat projects going all at the same time! I know...I should get busy, too! lol Hugs to you! ♥♥♥

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Its not always easy keeping up with the blog and so on, I agree our hobbies take up so many happy hours its easy to forget what time it is.
best wishes Julie.C