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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Saint Francis of Assisi must have felt like

I had the most awesome encounter yesterday. I had just pulled in the driveway and was looking towards the back fence in the back yard where a huge flock of crows were just going bananas and screeching and squawking like crazy. A few of them flew up and then I saw it. One crow had gotten itself stuck in-between the slates on the fence. Its little head on one side and its body on the other. It was flapping its wings and trying to free itself while all the other crows where giving it moral support I guess or just didn't know what to do to help their little friend. I dropped everything and ran back to the fence and wrapped my arms around the body of the bird, folding its arms close to him. He seemed to know that I was there to help him as he just relaxed. I raised him up to free his head and held on to him for a bit to make sure he was okay. He turned around and looked at me as if to say, "thank you for saving my life" and  then I loosened my grip and he slowly flew away. Stopping at the roof top, he looked down and then flew off. I felt so good knowing that I had just save that little crows life. It must be what Saint Francis of Assisi must have felt like when  he cared for Gods creatures.  I wish I had time to take a photo but there was no time to spare. He would have broke his neck if I hadn't been there when I was.
Then I went and fed the neighbors 5 cats and other neighbor and friends 4 dogs and then my own dog. I guess you might say it was an animal day afternoon.
 Bless all Gods little Creatures.

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