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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What ever happened to using our brains???

I was shopping today and there were so many kids and parents with lists of things that they absolutely have to have.  I am just amazed at how expensive it is to send a child to school these days.
My daughter has 5 children and it cost them a stinking  fortune to send them to school. I remember when my girls were growing up that all I had to worry about was new school clothes and notebooks, paper, pencils and little items like scissors, folders, crayons, glue etc. Now they even have to provide there own tissue, and even in the elementary school they have to buy there own books. I mean the school doesn't provide anything and I am sure that to those of you with kids still in school that you know all to well what I am talking about. My gosh, how can we even afford to have children any more. It is so sad and frustrating that we can't get by with out each child having a calculator???? what happen to using our brains. Oh and  my grandchildren in high school have to have there own computers. OMG. My daughter has contemplated home schooling but with 5 children that would be extremely demanding of all of her time. What has happen to our education system. Oh, and another thing that I just learned it that at the charter schools teachers don't have to be accredited???? WHAT! ! All of those that spent a fortune to get a teaching degree for what?  This just doesn't make any since at all to me and maybe its a sign of my age but what happened?
Okay, I will get off the proverbial soap box and shut up but I just needed to voice my opinion.  Would love to hear comments. 
All I can say is I am so glad that my children are all grown but so sorry that they all have to deal with this stressful time each year.
I love you girls and to all my grand children be so kind to your parents as they deserve all your love right now.


cottageprims said...

Jan~ I was at the vet a few days ago and right away the young girl tried to hand me a calculator to figure,I told her no my brain is faster than the machine and she looked at me like I was crazy.I agree most schools are getting ridiculous.Just like no kids left behind? We are just pushing them through some don't even no how to read.Sad day when children are taught to be drones and not have creativity and depend on the computer and gadgets to tell them everything.Start at home with your grandkids teach them that there is so much to explore and learn and it is much more fun than the DS or cell phone connected to their hand.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Barb said...

HI Jan,
I found you by way of Paxton Valley Folkart.
Great blog! I have to take my kids school shopping this week and will have to have a large happy pill to do it-Diet Pepsi.
Wish me luck!
Would love to have you visit my blog.
Enjoy your day,