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Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Monday Morning

I am going to be working on getting my yard and house in order. I guess it would be called pre winter cleaning. I am still in the mists of  cats pooping in my flower beds. There just seems like it is a constant battle and I don't even own a cat. I have nothing against them just their poo. heheh so that is something that is an ongoing problem.
I need to mow today and it seems that it is getting less now as the fall is approaching. YEAH ! ! !
 My clematis is just about done but, BUT.... the one that I planted 3 years ago finally bloomed just this week. I am so excited.

Phoebe keeps out out for those nasty kitty cats.

The hydrangeas and almost done but this lily is almost ready to bloom. It is blooming a little late I think but better late the never and the holly hock came out of now where. I don't remember ever planting it. Must have been that little birdie dropping seeds.
This is a pretty little surprise. I almost pulled it out because I thought it was a weed. Pretty little weed, huh?
So after I finish out side I will be inside cleaning. Not too bad since there is just the two of us, well three counting PHOEBE and she is probably the messiest of us all. Spreads her toys everywhere. 

Okay, on a sad note, Please say a prayer for the families of all those fallen soldiers that died this weekend after being shot down in the helicopter they were riding in. 22 Seals lost their lives and each of them are survived by family members, fathers, mothers, wives, daughters, sons and siblings.
My heart and prayers go out to them and all their love ones.
God bless you all.

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