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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am contemplating a trade

I would love to live here as these are my year round colors but I know that this is a gorgeous setting and a fall one at that. But if anyone were to ask me what is my color scheme, THIS IS IT! ! ! I absolutely love every color in this photo and to me it just screams warmth and harmony. I am not sure where this is as it was on a  TripAdvisor. Anyways, back to my trade, I am going to try and work a trade for the two crows mounted on the conk for a quilt. I do hope that I can work this out as It would be a dream come true. I think I may have to do a rug hooking or punch needle of this picture.
Can't you just imagine living among  this beautiful setting? Well, I suppose that some of you do. I live on the Oregon coast and I get a lot of the green but not enough of the reds and golds. Ummmmm makes my mouth water. ehehe,  am I a little nutty. Yea. guess so. I was born and brought up on the wrong side of the country. I should have been born in the New England states.
My dream is to visit Vermont in the fall and if all goes right a dear friend of mine is moving to Vermont. Hummmm sounds like a nice little or big road trip. eheh


annie said...

Just let me move here with you! I love this photo, my colors exactly too!

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Beautiful photo. I've never been to the New England States but I'm always hounding hubby to take a trip there since he's now retired. I want to go in the Fall - I hear it's absolutely gorgeous!

Jan said...

Yep, me too.
That is number 3 on my bucket list