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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gosh I bet your saying "Now why don't she Write"

I apologize for not having posted for so long. I guess that you really need to have something to share to post about.
The summer is coming to an end and I always look forward to fall. the last few days have been very muggy and hot and it always makes me long for those cool days of fall. Its funny how the passing of each season brings new rewards to you. I love the colors of fall and as a matter of fact, my house is constantly decorated in those colors all year long. I am trading my crows for a quilt and it is going to be made with my favorite colors. I can't wait to see it.
This is the photo I chose to depict my favorite colors.
Not sure where this is but doesn't it just scream Fall. It does to me. I have grown to love the Fall holidays like All Hallow Eve and Oktoberfest , Thanksgiving that takes you into the next season of Winter.

I just finished my Scarecrow challenge and am working on my newest plan of attack in the rug hooking realm.
I am planning a foot stool with the four seasons going around the outside and a celestial calendar of sorts on the top.  It is still in the planning mode though. I will update you when I have it sketched out.
Phoebe is finally starting to overcome the loss of Sweet William and seems to have taken on her new persona as an only child. I had planned on getting another dog but I think I will wait a bit on that. She still seems to reject other dogs coming around but not sure if it is out of fear as her fearless bother isn't there to protect her any longer and she immediately goes on the defensive. I just keep giving her lots of hugs and mega doses of love. So on that note I will close with a sweet shot of Sweet Phoebe my 100+lb lap puppy.

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Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Jan:-) Oh yes, I love the Fall colors all year round too. We're getting some cool weather and cool breezes I think from Hurricane Irene.
Now that's an awesome scarecrow rug! I like how you let the backing come out in a fringe. Looks more scarecrowy:-) cool!
Pheobe will grow and adjust to her loss with your help and lovins. She's a beautiful girl:-)