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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ran outta hot glue sticks, Dang

Yes, it happened. I ran outta hot glue so thats all for the gold leafing for now. Running out of hot glue is almost as bad a running outta duck tape. heheh.
I remember when my daughters were young and we were just moving up to Oregon, we had an old ford van that was great in California but not for the wet Oregon weather. It leaked like a sieve and if it hadn't been for the duct tape we would've been soak and wet. I swear that van was duck taped together in more ways then one.
Another great use for duct tape, I found, was to collect large scrapes from the dumpsters at the carpet store and flip them over and make some awesome mosaic rugs. You just cut all the pieces so that they are like a crazy quilt and duck tape them all together on the back side. If you do it right it looks awesome.
Anyways, as usual, I got distracted, I ran out of hot glue so no more cinnamon/gold leaf ornaments but I got these done before I ran out.
Well, I am going to be cutting out bears and sewing doilies today so I am going to be busy.
I hope that all my friends and followers are having a great Holiday season so far and I pray for continued happiness and be safe when out driving. Be sure to hide your packages in the trunk and maybe save someone from spending time in jail by just being cautious. There are so many out there that are less fortunate and feel such desperation that they will take your gifts to give to someone else.
Have a great weekend where ever you are.


Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Those are so pretty Jan!!!! I've run outta hot glue sticks before too. Not good when in the middle of a project.
What a neat idea re: mosaic rugs. Never would have thought of that!

Trish-Ladybug said...

Very nice Jan !!! love your story about the
duck tape, it has some awesome uses.. :-)
Cute Photos on the side of Phoebe and Wallace
Reminds of Golden Boy and Pepper Girl...

Toodie said...

Your ornies are so pretty! I know how it is when yer short of something. I looked everywhere for a picture hanger...finally took one off mine on the wall LOL!!! Duct tape holds the world together my friend ;-)