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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the beginning of a new Cross stitch.

I am beginning a new cross stitch sampler for my middle daughter in Colorado. It will be a family tree geneology of her immediate family. I do have a question that I would like to get a little feed back for. I am sure that there are many fellow stitchers out there that will have an opinion for me. When doing the names, is it okay to do middle initials or do you think that the full middle name should be stitched? I have made charts using both just curious on your ideas of this.
This is the beginning header boarder. The entire sampler will be about.18' x 22-24" That is still up to my as I go charting.  As promised I will take photos as I go.

On another note... I have an obsessive compulsive yellow lab that is crazy about tennis balls. Well actually it is all balls. Tennis, basket, bowling soccer, all of them. But tennis balls are her main obsession. She usually has one in her mouth all the time and at the same time bats one around on the floor with her feet. She is very good at this and has a bowling ball that she can maneuver around the room with her feet to put it right where she wants it.

Outside, she has a basket ball that she does the same thing with. We tried a soccer ball but it didn't last very long. When she gets one of her balls stuck under a chair, although she may have three or four sitting around her she absolutely has to have the one that is stuck and until she gets it she goes nuttso trying to get it out.

Now, to all my friends on the East Coast.... are you digging out from
the blizzard? It looks like you all really got nailed with the thick white stuff. I would rather have a light dusting of that then all this gosh dang rain that is making life miserable for inside dogs that want to go for walks and go outside and play. Now Phoebe doesn't mind the rain, actually she loves it. She will go outside and just stick her nose in the air and run and sniff and shake it off but keep on jumping. I am a fair weather walker myself so they have to wait till there are little breaks in the showers.  Yes, they are bored and driving me stir crazy as we have a procedure that we go through each time they come in. Go directly to the laundry room, sit down and wait your turn to get dried off and feet demudded. My word.
So I am getting back to my normal life and will keep you all updated on the sampler and the family. Hubby is back at work and looking forward to another long weekend and short vacation sort of..
                                Hugs and licks for all my family and friends and
                                                    Have a happy New Year


mornings322 said...

Hi Jan,
Myself I like the whole name to be spelled out when it comes to family trees. The names that I have came across from my family members, it is the initial and I have no idea what their middle name is.

Julie said...

Hi Jan! I have to agree with morning 322, I like the full names better. It will be beautiful. HaPPY nEW yEAR TO YOU TOO, GIRLFRIEND!

Trish-Ladybug said...

Hi Jan I always agree with morning 322 I like
the full names all spelled, you also see that
in Family Tree Books, Having full names I have
seen Maidens included as well, thats how Hubby Family Tree is.. Great project your doing, I'm
back into stitching and designing some stitch
Love the Story on the Doggie and the Tennis Ball.. Cute... Love those Critters

PrimitiveJan said...

Okay, I was leaning towards the full name and the funny part of that is that all the girls have the same middle name. Michelle. My daughter, Susan Michelle, granddaughters, Emily Michelle and Paige Michelle. Not quite sure about the reasoning but I don't question their reasons. I will go with the full middle name. Thank you so much ladies, I knew I could count on you all to tell me your opinions and I sort of knew that was what you were all going to say.
Thanks my friends.

Cathy said...

HI Jan!!

Hope you had a super Christmas.

Your project looks great and I am sure either way your daughter will love it. I made one for my mother in law a bunch of years ago for her children and grand kids. she had 11 children and 4 of them had kids so it was hard for me to add full names. I just used first names only. But if I had the room and it was a smaller family I would have used full names. Just makes it a bit more formal and no mistaken who they are. Middle initials would be just as nice, especially since they are all "M" :). I am sure either way you do it will be great.

Good luck and Happy New Year.