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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I have posted this picture before but this is where I have been today. It felt so nice to just kick back and relax after the holiday rush was over. WHEW!
Now I am just enjoying spending time with my  Dear Sweet Husband and enjoying the kids, my four legged ones, that is. and just not stressing at all. I mean look at me, do I looked stressed at all? Why is it  we put ourselves through the same stress year after year and each year we say that we are not going to do that again and we are going to just be stress free. Well, I am going to make that one of my New Years resolutions. I am not going to pup myself into any stressful situations that I don't necessarily need to be into. Life is too short to make it any shorter by added stress. Does it make anything taste better, look better, or will we like it anymore then if we just did it the way we had planned and let it go at that?
 I made stuffed Cornish Game hens for our Christmas dinner and you know what, I would have liked a nice bowl of chowder and garlic bread just as well, maybe even better. Oh it was yummy but when it is just the two of you, you can fix something that you both like and be just as content why go overboard just because its Christmas day. I fell into the Christmas theme of a fancy Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but I eat so little now that most of it is leftovers. Hum.... I guess I will have to rethink this next year.
My dear sweet Phoebe got a new container of tennis balls and a rubber tire with a rope on it that should have lasted her a couple of years. Would you believe it last her less then two hours. First she chewed the rope off then when I threw that part away she chewed into the hole that was left by the rope and destroyed   the tire.
So much for the two years. Oh well, its easier to replace a toy then a table or chair and she has never done that. They also got some puppy cookies. Wallace isn't interested in toys anymore because Phoebe just ends up taking them from him anyway and at 12 years old he just doesn't get into chasing balls any more.
So as this year draws to an end, I am going to be reorganizing my self and trying to start some new projects that have no deadlines. I prefer to work that way.
Hugs to all my friends, family and followers and hope that you have a happy and safe New Year.

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad you've had a nice Christmas and a good day today! I'm ready to get going and start some new projects! It's exciting to be thinking of a new year ahead! Happy holidays, sweet friend! ♥