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Friday, December 17, 2010

Counting down the days

Don't you just remember the last few days before Christmas. You were dying of curiosity of what was in that huge box and that really heavy little box. Hum..... I wonder if I just carefully lift this piece of tape up I bet I can just slip out the box..... Oh, hi Mom.... I was just looking.... hehehehe. Guess I will have to wait till everyones asleep.To this day, I still know whats under the tree before Christmas day arrives. Those that know me never put anything under the tree until Christmas eve. I hate suspense movies and I hate the suspense of wondering what is in that big box or that pretty little box.  Thats just me.  
          I do have one horror story though. When my husband and I were 
dating.... he had put a big box under my tree.  I promised not to open it and I didn't 
either. Well, Christmas day arrived and I was just beside myself with anticipation. I opened 
this huge box and what was inside....another box..... and then another box..... all the way 
down to a jewelry size box.... I was just dying by this point and when I saw that wonderful 
little box I just knew it had to be a ring.    WRONG! ! ! !  It was empty.. absolutely nothing
 in all this mess of boxes and wrapping paper.  Well it wasn't totally empty. There was 
a little note inside the box. It read...
Nothing can compare to the Love I feel for you!.......?

 Holy Crap! ! ! ! !
Nothing could have hidden my disappointment! To this day he knows better then to ever do that again. I am sure that her thought he was just being a little clever and maybe just a little bit romantic in his cute little verse that he wrote.  He won't ever do that again. Now, you are probably saying aw... could I be so mean as to give him this special  award .Well after being so good, and not even sneaking a peek, and not that I would have seen anything anyways,  and then just knowing that when I finally got to that one pretty little box all wrapped up so
 sweetly that I just knew it was going to be an engagement ring, that to this day I am surprised that we ever got married. Hehehehe. It took me weeks to get over the was about 8  weeks until wefinally got married and then, to this day, we have never had one argument in 22 years. 
 I guess once was enough to last a life time.  I love that man so much now that I can't imagine
 my life without him unless he gives me another empty box and then.....Well... that would be 
another story....HO HO HO
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you enjoyed this true story. It makes us laugh, just a little bit,
 every time I think of it. Just a little bit. Can you imagine the look on my face. Can you imagine,
 even more the huge smile and anticipation on his face as I was opennig that
 horrid little box.   Hehehe


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

If I remember right, my hubby did that to
me, one year! He learned to never do
that, again!!! LOL...Men! I do hope you
get lots of goodies for Christmas! Thanks
for the laugh!

Bear Hugs~Karen

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That is a funny memory....NOW! But you're like me...there's no pretending what we feel! I'm glad you married and he learned early about your feelings! Enjoy your day! HUGS ♥

Carol said...

You're too funny hon. What a tale. My hubby doesn't have any romantic bones;) but I do remind him to be romantic from time to time.
Happy Holidays!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

M y hubby has never dont that don't know how I would feel ....most likely the same as you did. Trish

nancy huggins said...

O M G..That is funny in one way but mean in another way..But I am sure he does know better now than to do that again...that is something that you will never forget though so he did give you a lasting memory :)

Trish-Ladybug said...

Love your Christmas Story.. Yes I have a Hubby
that would do that too.. It's like those Big Pink
Slipper he give me and I HATE the Color PINK
too...He now knows heheeh ....We lasting memories
without those Slipper too... LOL !!!!

Merry Christmas Eveyone :-)