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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just finished a new teddy

He doesn't have his character yet and I haven't named him. He still needs a little sprucing up but he is alive. I used the same silky fabric that I used for the sheep.  I think I need to make him a little ghost costume for Halloween. He is already the right color. Now my sheep has a friend.
He may be available to purchase as soon as I finish giving him a name and character to match if I don't become too attached to him or her myself. heheh
This little Teddy is available for $120 + SH
and His woolly friend is also available for $75 + SH
For information on these and any other creations you can either leave a comment or 
email me.

Friday, October 29, 2010

New Sheep in the Warren

I just finished this one tonight. I really like the way it turned out with its packs all loaded down with wood for the cook stove. I also added twig legs for this sheep. Wait till the wolf in Sheeps clothing shows up.  Ewwwwwww...... scary. .
$75.00 + SH

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Next weeks give away for the weekly drawing is Belinda Bunny, Keeper of the lamp

This is Belinda Bunny, Keeper of the Lamp.
She is a sweet little bunny that will double as a paper weight as her base is made of glass.
So to those of you that are still in the weekly drawings be sure to stop by and leave your comments or just say hello. To those of you that are not eligible, please stop by and visit and let me know that you were here.
Belinda is just waiting on Pins and Needles till next weeks drawing to see where she will be traveling to. All the critters here at My Primitive Nest are from the Burnt Woods Warren and are sad to leave there friends but look forward to meeting new ones.
Be kind to them.  They are made with love from my heart.

This weeks lucky winner is Deb from Paxton Valley Folk Art

Hey Deb, looks like you are the lucky winner today. way to go. I will mail your three little angels out today.
You will be ineligible now for weekly drawing but still are in for the big drawing on Dec 1st.
These are your little angels getting their bags packed for the trip.
enjoy and congratulations.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look what I won in a giveaway from DesertMountainBears by Joanne Livingston

Look at all the wonderful patterns I just received in the mail today from winning the giveaway from Joanne at Desert Mountain Bear. I am going to be a very busy stitcher this Christmas and well into the next year.
Thank you so much Joanne.

I finished another little project.

(Just a reminder to the entrants for "In the Beginning..... giveaway" that tomorrow is weekly drawing day. Be sure  to  leave  a comment and just say Hi, I was here or more if you feel like it so that you will be eligible for the weekly drawing )

I received this wonderful silky fabric from a friend and I am in the mists of making a teddy bear out of some of it but I had two lambs cut from some osnaburg fabric and got to looking at it and, "boom", it hit me like a rock, that this silky fabric would make a great fluffy coat for my lamb. So I went ahead and stitched it up and then fitted the wooly coat over the lamb. I think it is just perfect and that gave me another idea to make a wolf and then fit it with a lamb coat. Hummm.... a wolf in lambs clothing. Heheh maybe later.
Meanwhile this is my newest lamb. stuffed with sawdust, cotton batting and spoons full of Sweet Annie and Lavender to give it some added sweetness as if it needed it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Weeks Giveaway

Just look what we have for this weeks giveaway.
Just in time for the holidays. Three little angels each one just a little larger then the next.  Be sure to stop by and visit and leave a note that you were here.
Getting closer to the biggy. Can you believe how fast time is passing by. It just seems that after October 31 the next two months just seem to melt together and no one knows where the time has gone and its already

Just finished a few more critters too. Belinda Bunny Keeper of the lamp is my latest one

These are a few of my little meeces for my mouse house. Still need a few more.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miss Tilly has a new home

Miss Tilly is packing her bags and getting ready to move to her new home with................
............LINDA of PARKERS PARADISE ........
Congratulations, Linda. You will love Miss Tilly. Her base is a vintage door knob and she has real mohair hair.
She will depart today and should reach you by Wednesday next week.
Again Congratulations and thank you  for entering. This will remove you from the weekly drawings but you still need to visit at least once a week to be eligible for the Biggy.

Also, I would like to remind everyone that you still need to stop by and visit and leave a comment at least once a week to still be eligible for the big give away on December 1st. If you will email me your email addys I will send out a reminder for you to stop by and say HI!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here comes Cloe and Flynn in there skatemobile.

I just finished these little ones up last night watching TV. I hate to waste time and sitting is wasting time so I sew when I sit if I'm not doing anything else.
So this Is Cloe mouse and Flynn the bunny on there Skate mobile. They found the vintage skate tossed aside in the rubbish heap and found that it made for a fun mode of transportation.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two days till week two drawing

I have four ladies so far that have left comments to be eligible for the second weeks drawing. Don't miss out on your chance for winning Miss Tilly. All you have to do is stop in and say Hi, or what ever your little heart desires.

What are all of you ladies up to this week. I am getting closer to finishing my Snowy Owl. These are some pics of Snowy Owls just to show the black and white color scheme. Now granted, I am using a little poetic licence and changing where the black and white is located. On the real birds it is on the back side of the wings. Well, I want it on the front so there. 
Nice painting of a snowy owls face

My snowy owl is done.
. $125
Contact me if interested
Before he got his wings. I think he was even cute then. hehe

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The second week is coming up .

Miss Tilly is looking to make a trip in the next weeks drawing to someones lucky home.
Who will it be????
Just a reminder to all the entrants to the "In The Beginning There Is A Giveaway" to remember to stop in and visit at least once this week and leave a comment to be eligible for the drawing for Miss Tilly Mouse.

 I have been working on a trio of angels today. Not quite finished yet but when they are done they will be the thirds weeks giveaway. Wow, it just keeps getting better. I wonder what will the fourth weeks giveaway be? Hum..

They are done and will be week three's giveaway.

I am still working on my Snowy Owl but it seems like a slow going process. I have most of the feathers cut out of the black and white toile and black and white check fabric but still need one more contrasting fabric to add to the other two.
This is the Owl so far..

You can see that everything is just pinned in place and is still a work in progress.
My inspiration photo is too small to get a clear copy but there is a continuous black and white theme  in the wings which is what I am trying to accomplish with the black and white combinations in the fabric. so You will just have to wait to see the finished product. The beak and feet are made from celuclay.
So that is what I have been working on this week and hope to get it done soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Winner for this weeks drawing is.....

Congratulations Carol and I have sent you a message. You need to chose which mouse or rabbit you
want. It will be sent out on Wednesday.
Remember everyone that you need to stop by at least once each week to be eligible for that weeks drawing and leave a comment so I know that you were here.
To be fair, each winner name will be removed from the weekly drawings so that everyone has an opportunity to win a weekly drawing. The names will all be put back in for the biggy.
Congrats to you Carol.

Be sure to email me your address so I can get it sent out to you

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is the list so far till 12:00 PM tonight for the "In The Beginning...." giveaway

This is the list of everyone entered in the giveaway. If I have missed your name then be sure to let me know before 12:00 AM tomorrow. That is when I will draw the name. Remember I am on PST.
You will get your choice of one of these pin keeps.
Next week is Miss Tilly.
1 Yorkies Primitives
2Denise/KKL Primitives
3 Trish/ Lady Bug
4 Lavender Dreamer / Diane
5 Deb/Paxton Valley Folk Art
6 Jennifer768                                      
7 Tricia/ Hillcrest Prims
8 Mizzezcable
9 Old Annies Primitives
10 Wendy/ Ravenwood Whimzies
11 Carol/ Firecracker Kid
12 Cathy/ Psycoquilter
13 Debbie Geiger
14 Linda / Taters55
15 Kathy/ Mornings322
16 Michelle/ Granny's Pantry
17 Cindy Weeks/ Craftystitchers
18 Linda/ Parkers Paradise
19 Chris/ Nuffin Special
Okay, thats it. If you don't see your name and you have entered please let me know before the drawing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One of my older samplers

This is the sampler I kept for us. It doesn't have our newest little girl on it though so I guess I will have to do another one with her too.This isn't a very clear picture as it is framed and the glass creates too much glare. I made this one with out any pattern and used my own little brain to figure it all out. This was my first sampler.
I haven't many items that I have made as I give or sell most of them. I do believe though that samples are something that needs to be done at least once every few years to give an accurate account of your family life.
They are also a nice heirloom to pass down through the family. They are a little more permanent then photos but maybe not as precise as a photograph but a whole lot more personal and from the heart and soul.
I am also working on another counted cs  that is a chart pattern and I really need to get that one completed as I am going to give it to my middle daughter Susan. She really like the ocean theme.

So we are almost at the end of the first week and the drawing will be done on Friday the 15th, my granddaughters birthday. She is going to be 22. OMG I can't believe she is going to be 22 already. Where has the time gone. That means that my husband and I are going to be celebrating our 22 anniversary. We waited to get married till after the birth of my first granddaughter. Good way to remember how many years we've been married.

Boy, did I stray from what I was saying, anyway, be sure to check in on Saturday to find out who winner of one of these little pin keeps . This is the first giveaway of 5 before the Biggy. Keep your fingers crossed as it may be you if you signed up for the giveaway, "In the Beginning There Is A Giveaway" at the bottom of the page.

Next week's giveaway will be Miss Tilly.
This is "Miss Tilly"

Friday, October 8, 2010

I have got to get busy cause Christmas is almost here

I have got to finish these two projects by Christmas along with 4 separate swaps and 3 Teddy bears to make. How the Heck am I going to do that? any answers?
This is the Antique spread that I have got to finish going around all the doilies attaching them to the backing that I added. There are 99 doilies and I think I have gone around about 45 of them.

This is the Sampler that I am making for my youngest daughter and her family. It is 36"x24" All I have left to finish on the sampler is the rosebuds along the bottom and on the bottom edge of the right side. I am going to let her frame it when she gets is
as I am afraid the glass would break.

As I was just commenting on a previous blog that I seem to have problems finishing my work. I will get it almost completely done and then stop. Not sure if it is psychological like we just discussed but something keeps me from finishing this.

I also haven't finished reading the end of the last of the Harry Potter Series. I guess that if I don't finish it and no one tells me about the end of the series it remains unknown to me. I have finish many things but these two and the book eludes me. I will finish them all this year.
You can bet on it.

First week before" In the Beginning there is a Giveaway" Signup Ends

As I mentioned there will be a surprise drawing for each week that you stop in for a visit after signing up for the initial drawing. This is the item for the first Week. I will draw a name at the end of the first week which will be on Friday the 15th. I will have a drawing each week up until the last week which will be November 15th. That means that there will be 5 additional drawings for a special giveaway until the big one.
This will be the first give away. One lucky draw will get one of these little mouse or rabbit pin keeps

Miss Tilly will be in the drawing on the second week but you must be entered and comment to be eligible.
So be sure to keep checking in each week and leave a comment so I know that you were here.
Good luck and have fun.
Sign up for the big giveaway is at the bottom of this blog. Be sure to sign up there first and be sure to follow also.

Oh yes, please be sure to leave me a way to contact you in-case you are the lucky one.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Christmas Stocking Exchange with a Twist

This Exchanged has been canceled due to a lack of interest. we will try again next year. Thanks to those that did reply.  

I am renewing the post for the Christmas Stocking Exchange with a Twist.
It was also on my old blog and I wasn't able to get a list of all
the particapants but maybe we can start over again. I will
extend the sign up date to the 31st of October.
The Exchange Stocking Twist consists of each participant will give her Christmas
 Decor Theme, ie: old world Christmas, Western Christmas,
nutcacker Christmas etc. and you need to list your color preferences.
 Each stocking needs to be 14" from Cuff to Heal not Toe.
I hope we get more then we had on the last blog as it was cut short.
Be sure to give me a way to contact you when I draw you swap buddy.
Looking forward to a great exchange and huge signup list.
Thanks everyone for bearing with me in this new rebuilding process.
It has been a very hectic week rebuilding two blogs.

There is also a give away on my new Bear Blog

In the beginning there is a giveaway

Welcome to my new blog MY PRIMITIVE NEST.

Yes, this is another beginning and in the beginning there is a giveaway. I am rebuilding my Primitive blog since my last blog was hijacked and finally removed from Blogger. The hijackers got my password and then immediately  proceeded to change it and I could no longer get into my blog. Blogger finally removed it and I am so glad as now I can begin again.
I am going to host an other giveaway here. I am hosting one on my New Bear Blog too. Yes, they hijacked that one too. That blog address to enter the Mr Thomas Giveaway is
I am going to give to one lucky Elf  an adorable Ginger bread family ....AND.... Miss Feather and her Rabbitmobile!!!!

Yes, this is truly a Christmas giveaway and I will be drawing name for this giveaway on the 1st of December.
This is what you need to do to be entered in the giveaway.
1. Leave a comment
2. Become a follower
3. Post on your blog about the giveaway and if you don't have a blog, let me know that and you can still enter.
4. Come back and visit at least once each week  and post a comment and I will give you an extra entry for the giveaway.
Whew..... that may seem like a lot but Hey, look what you are going to get for all your enjoyable work. I promise to make each weeds visit a rewarding visit. Now that is a surprise you will just have to come back to find out about. Hum....
Signup will end on November 15th.
I do hope that you will visit often, not just for the giveaways, thats the fun part, but just to say hi and stop and see whats happening in my little Primitive Nest.
Be sure to pass the word about this multiple giveaway to all your blogger friends and remember the more visits the more chances to win additional giveaways. WOO HOO!!!!
Hugs and GOOD LUCK! to all of my Prim friends