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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One of my older samplers

This is the sampler I kept for us. It doesn't have our newest little girl on it though so I guess I will have to do another one with her too.This isn't a very clear picture as it is framed and the glass creates too much glare. I made this one with out any pattern and used my own little brain to figure it all out. This was my first sampler.
I haven't many items that I have made as I give or sell most of them. I do believe though that samples are something that needs to be done at least once every few years to give an accurate account of your family life.
They are also a nice heirloom to pass down through the family. They are a little more permanent then photos but maybe not as precise as a photograph but a whole lot more personal and from the heart and soul.
I am also working on another counted cs  that is a chart pattern and I really need to get that one completed as I am going to give it to my middle daughter Susan. She really like the ocean theme.

So we are almost at the end of the first week and the drawing will be done on Friday the 15th, my granddaughters birthday. She is going to be 22. OMG I can't believe she is going to be 22 already. Where has the time gone. That means that my husband and I are going to be celebrating our 22 anniversary. We waited to get married till after the birth of my first granddaughter. Good way to remember how many years we've been married.

Boy, did I stray from what I was saying, anyway, be sure to check in on Saturday to find out who winner of one of these little pin keeps . This is the first giveaway of 5 before the Biggy. Keep your fingers crossed as it may be you if you signed up for the giveaway, "In the Beginning There Is A Giveaway" at the bottom of the page.

Next week's giveaway will be Miss Tilly.
This is "Miss Tilly"


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a beautiful sampler! I have kept a couple of the first ones that I did...but have given most away through the years! Put my name in again...I really want to win! heehee! ♥

PrimitiveJan said...

Odds look good for a least a weekly if not the biggy. So far there are only 7 I think so looks good.
I have been painting my livingroom all day. I feel like an old rug thats been hung up and beaten. I can hardly move. I wanted to do it my self and boy, am I paying the price for that mistake.

PrimitiveJan said...

Whoops, I just went and counted and there are 10 but thats still not bad odds.
good luck

michelle said...

hi there Jan,Just popin in for this entry as well.thanks so much.blessings michelle

jennifer768 said...

Hi Jan ! Love your sampler ! Please add me to this entry as well . Hope you will post some pics of your living room when you are finished. Hugs,Jen

★Denise / KKL Primitives★ said...

The odds are terrific!!! I am so excited - I'm going to be on pins and needles tomorrow!!!!!