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Friday, October 8, 2010

First week before" In the Beginning there is a Giveaway" Signup Ends

As I mentioned there will be a surprise drawing for each week that you stop in for a visit after signing up for the initial drawing. This is the item for the first Week. I will draw a name at the end of the first week which will be on Friday the 15th. I will have a drawing each week up until the last week which will be November 15th. That means that there will be 5 additional drawings for a special giveaway until the big one.
This will be the first give away. One lucky draw will get one of these little mouse or rabbit pin keeps

Miss Tilly will be in the drawing on the second week but you must be entered and comment to be eligible.
So be sure to keep checking in each week and leave a comment so I know that you were here.
Good luck and have fun.
Sign up for the big giveaway is at the bottom of this blog. Be sure to sign up there first and be sure to follow also.

Oh yes, please be sure to leave me a way to contact you in-case you are the lucky one.


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Jan, You are a peach, I did forget to sign up for the fabulous giveaway, DUH!!!

I would love if I could enter!!
Thanks a Bunch and cross my fingers!!
Good Luck to everyone!
Prim Blessings,

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Woo-hoo! Here to comment for the weekly giveaway (I'm hoping that this is the right post to put it on?). Thanks Jan, you are too generous! Your site is looking great, way to go girl! Deb

PrimitiveJan said...

yes to both of you. You are entered in the big giveaway and the 1st week too.

mizzezcable said...

Found your blog Jan thanks for sharing.

Erin (momoftwo607)DG

jennifer768 said...

Wow Jan another wonderful giveaway !Please enter my name too.I love your creativity . Those pin keeps are just adorable !Hugs,Jen

PrimitiveJan said...

Everyone that has signed up this week is eligiable for the first week drawing. To be eligible for the second week , "Miss Tilly" , you need to comment next week.
The first week will be the pin keeps in Ball lids

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Are you giving everything away? You are just the sweetest...and you know these are my favorites! Hugs to you! You've made a great start to your new blogs! I'm proud of you! ♥♥♥

PrimitiveJan said...

Hehehe, not everything but I want this to be a fun and exciting giveaway. I love making the little mice so it is just a mater of sharing what I love with others.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I would love to be included in the giveaway. Will you be reminding us each week to stop by? Things are so hectic getting ready for my show and working part time - I hope I remember!
Thanks for such a great giveaway - the pin keeps are adorable!

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

These are some fancy fine mice. I love them and would love a chance to win! Thanks hon;)
moonbatty [at]

hennies.pennies said...

Such sweet little mice and bunnies! I love your unique little touches. They each seem to have their own special personalities!! You're so generous to offer so many opportunities to win. Good luck to everyone!! Blessing...

PrimitiveJan said...

hennies.pennies, I am just wondering if you wanted to be entered in the drawing. Please let me know.
thanks for visiting and you kind comments.

Debbie Geiger said...

Hi I love the little pin keeps they are adorable I will be visiting your blog I love it.

michelle said...

Good morning Jan.I just found your new blog and would love to be entered.I love these cute!Thank you.blessings michelle

michelle said...

Ok Jan Im back,just read through your whole NEW blog.Seen that your old one was hijacked.I thought something was going on.did you get my email that said someone sent me a email from you sayin you were stuck in London.How crazy is that .well glad to have found you again.blessings michelle

★Denise / KKL Primitives★ said...

OMGosh, I get so confused, lol I'll just keep posting and see what happens. I am entered into the BIG ONE for sure!!! These mice and bunny pincushions are SWEEEEET!!!!!!

mornings322 said...

Wait, wait for me! I was lost in lala land somewhere and now I'm back,lol. Enter me please