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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I finished another little project.

(Just a reminder to the entrants for "In the Beginning..... giveaway" that tomorrow is weekly drawing day. Be sure  to  leave  a comment and just say Hi, I was here or more if you feel like it so that you will be eligible for the weekly drawing )

I received this wonderful silky fabric from a friend and I am in the mists of making a teddy bear out of some of it but I had two lambs cut from some osnaburg fabric and got to looking at it and, "boom", it hit me like a rock, that this silky fabric would make a great fluffy coat for my lamb. So I went ahead and stitched it up and then fitted the wooly coat over the lamb. I think it is just perfect and that gave me another idea to make a wolf and then fit it with a lamb coat. Hummm.... a wolf in lambs clothing. Heheh maybe later.
Meanwhile this is my newest lamb. stuffed with sawdust, cotton batting and spoons full of Sweet Annie and Lavender to give it some added sweetness as if it needed it.

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How beautiful....a real work of art! I posted Mr. Thomas up close this morning! Hope you can stop by to say HI! Hugs! ♥